As the Director of School Health Services for the School District of Philadelphia, Ms. Williams has worked for the District for over almost 7 years, providing administrative oversight for approximately 180 Certified School Nurses, 40 Occupational & Physical Therapists, 1 medical physician, 3 Instruction in the home teachers and one nursing supervisor, 140 Speech therapists, 24 Hearing Therapists, 21 Sign Language Interpreters and 2 administrative support staff. She is also responsible for providing direct program support with School Health Services Programs in Public and Non-Public Schools, (330 school buildings), to ensure mandated health programs are implemented and benchmarks are met to improve the quality of school health services that are delivered to students, in order to support teaching and learning, and minimize loss of

instructional time. With 20 years working in public service for the City of Philadelphia and the School District of Philadelphia, she is passionate about ensuring that children and adults have access to high quality health care, education and social services that empower, develop and strengthen families.