Why did you apply to the NHCM program?

I applied to NHCM because I was ignorant of the immense complexity and challenge of being a nurse. I thought I was better than being a nurse. Once I got here, I realized I was completely wrong. I was astonished to discover how challenging nursing school and being a nurse would be. That being said, I imagined myself running a rural health clinic and needing both clinical and business skills. Either way, I’m glad I applied. I’ve never once considered changing my major.

What is your favorite aspect of the program so far?

I love bringing different points of view to conversations about health care, policy, and economics. Business people don’t think about clinical issues and vice versa. I’ve found people to be extremely interested in having a different perspective in a discussion especially from people who are considering multiple points of view the way NHCM students do.

Favorite class:

HCMG 250 - Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health Care System and MGMT 238 - Organizational Behavior

Favorite clinical experience:

NURS 215 - Nursing of Women and Infants

Research experience:

I work in the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research investigating how work environments affect patient, nurse and hospital outcomes.  I had the opportunity to conduct a research project funded by Wharton and the School of Nursing.  I presented my research at two industry conferences and am currently working on preparing a manuscript for publication.

Involvement at Penn:

I’m on the board of Wharton Leadership Ventures and a guide for the Penn Rec outdoors program. I fiddle in the Outdoor Club house bluegrass band. I’m also a freshman resident advisor in Ware College House.

Future career goals:

One of my goals is to take care of care takers. I want to improve working conditions, culture, and experience for nurses and other health care professionals who spend their lives caring for others. These people often love their work but merely tolerate unsatisfactory job conditions. I would like to continue to work as a floor nurse during that time to stay humble and grounded as well as keeping my clinical skills honed.