Why did you apply to the NHCM program?

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do something clinical or something more administrative / systems-based.  I loved the idea of bridging two seemingly unconnected disciplines and pulling them into a unique skill set that would open doors.

What is your favorite aspect of the program so far?

I’ve loved how this program has forced me to take my clinical experiences and apply them to what we would call “business thinking.”  How can we streamline clinical processes to deliver high quality, accessible care?  Where are the inefficiencies in the hospital experiences that are unnecessarily increasing costs?

My other favorite part of the NHCM program has been how it has allowed me to think of health in a broad context.  Being healthy is about so much more than medical care.  Nursing has allowed me to think about preventative care and caring for the whole person, broadening the way I think about healthcare management.

Favorite class:

HCMG 204 - Comparative Health Care Systems

Favorite clinical experience:

NURS 215 - Nursing of Women and Infants

Internship experience:

I have been an intern at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where I worked within their framework of “building a culture of health.”

Involvement at Penn:

I’m a Resident Advisor in Penn’s New College House.  I did a lot of Model UN in high school and have continued that interest by chairing for novices at our Ivy League Model United Nations Conference.  I’ve also volunteered in local schools teaching health-related subjects, held jobs in research, and joined clubs.  My favorite experience has been with a group called Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (SCUE), which works with administrators to improve Penn’s undergraduate educational experience and opportunities.

Future career goals:

This is a tough question because I want to do everything I’ve been exposed to.  I’m interested in women’s health, community health, and public health.  I love the idea of research and public policy.  I’m not sure what kind of career this all adds up to yet, but I know I want to be in a setting where I can be successful in impacting the lives of as many people as possible.