Why did you apply to the NHCM program?

I knew I wanted my BSN, but I’d always had a special love for business and management. This was the only program in the country that would allow me to pursue both of those passions simultaneously.  I could take anatomy and statistics at the same time!

What is your favorite aspect of the program so far?

It’s a tight-knit community, so I always have someone to turn to when I have a question about which professor is best or which classes I should take at the same time.  NHCM students are always willing to share their opinions.  

Favorite class:

MGMT 100 - I was able to gain both individual and group leadership skills.

Favorite clinical experience:

NURS 215 - It is called the “miracle of childbirth” for a reason.  Watching a birth in my second week ever of clinical is something I will never forget.

Involvement at Penn:

I am a Research Assistant for CHOP - Infectious Diseases.  My current project is a systematic review of comparison effectiveness of broad and narrow spectrum antibiotics on respiratory infections in children.  I am also involved in the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, Wharton Leadership Lecture Series, and am active in the Newman Catholic Center.

Future career goals:

I plan on coming back to my hometown and working in either hospital administration or nurse management at the Cleveland Clinic.  In the distant future, I would like to create my own non-profit healthcare company focused on health education for low-income children and families in the Cleveland area.