Associate Professor of Psychosocial Nursing - Clinician Educator

Dr. Houldin’s practice and research chiefly focused on psycho-oncology, the psychosocial needs of patients with cancer. As a clinician educator, she spearheaded the development of the psycho-oncology counseling service at Abramson Cancer Center.
In addition, Dr. Houldin served as the Nursing Director of the Palliative Care Service at Philadelphia Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center. For many years, Dr. Houldin was the Program Director of the Adult Nurse Practitioner: Oncology, Advanced Practice Nursing Program.

Dr. Houldin’s clinical scholarship encompassed several related areas including; study of the clinical implications of psychoneuroimmunology, qualitative studies focused on the psychological needs of patients with cancer and their families, cancer pain in African-American populations, and advanced care planning and concept analysis of death in terminally ill patients. Additionally, Dr. Houldin served as a member of the Enhancing Connections research team testing the efficacy of a cancer parenting program.

Dr. Houldin is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania (BSN, MSN) and Temple University (PhD).