Entrepreneur Ben Katz, Nu’02, WH’02, WG’02, believes that nursing school is an excellent platform from which to leap into business. “I learned as much about leadership and more about perseverance from my time at the School of Nursing,” says this third-generation nurse and business leader.

Katz is the innovator of Card.com, the online bank that not only offers consumers a convenient, fast and secure way of banking using mobile technology, but also prepaid debit cards fund-branded from a choice of thousands of designs. Plus, he started Coveroo.com, the largest internet seller of personalized iPhone and Android cases; glutenfreematzo.com, a gluten-free and artisanal Kosher food company; and bearbottle.com, a pediatrition-recommended transitional bottle for toddlers. Katz ascribes his business success to his nursing education.
“Nursing brings together technology, family, community, the human touch and so much more, when properly treating a patients’ health,” he says. “Similarly, when building companies, you need to apply diverse skills to manage projects, outcomes and people in order to be successful.”
Katz is especially encouraging to other nurses in the pursuit of healthcare entrepreneurship, a multi-billion dollar market.
“If a nurse sees a way to make even something he deals with on a weekly basis 5 percent better, faster or cheaper, then, with a team, it might be 15 percent better,” he explains. “Multiplied across the country – or the world—that could be a major impact, improve patient health outcomes and a save billions of dollars, some of which ends up in the nurse entrepreneur’s pocket.”
To be successful entrepreneurs, nurses just need to be encouraged to take a risk and step out into business. ” “Take it from me,” he says. “You know more than you think you do, so take the leap.
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