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Cancer Coalition Honors Grube

The Order of the Bell Award from Mountains of Hope (MOH), West Virginia’s statewide cancer coalition, is bestowed upon an individual who is ‘breaking barriers.’

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing’s Wendy Grube, PhD, CRNP, FAAN, Practice Associate Professor and Interim Director of the Center for Global Women’s’ Health, was recently honored with this inaugural award for her efforts in breaking barriers in public health. The concept of the award is based on the concept of the Bell X-1 aircraft that Chuck Yeager, a West Virginia native, flew when he broke the sound barrier.

Grube has worked in rural Webster County, West Virginia, for more than a decade. Each year she brings a group of nursing students to provide a Women’s Health Screening Day to county residents. Together, they have screened more than 300 women. Grube and her students also conduct fundraising activities to provide financial assistance in support of the screening clinics.

MOH consists of approximately 200 members from across the Mountain State who work to address specific goals in the West Virginia Cancer Plan. Its steering committee created a series of awards in 2016 to recognize the hard work and dedication of members who often work diligently without recognition.