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Paying It Forward with Precepting

When Kate Demutis came to Penn Nursing as a graduate student, she was most grateful for the incredible preceptors that helped her transition between school and clinical practice. Today, she is paying it forward. With Penn Nursing being one of the only advanced degree nursing schools in the country to match students with clinical placements and precepting relationships, Kate coordinates those placements and, as testament to the value she found in the program, is a preceptor herself.

“I have fond memories of the time I spent with my clinical preceptors as a nurse practitioner student. This expertly guided, on-the-job training allowed me the chance to be in a clinical setting and take care of patients – exactly what I wanted to do.

Shortly after graduation, I was approached by the Penn Nursing faculty to precept students, and I’ve found that the experience provides a certain amount of positive energy for all those involved.  The patients tend to love it, and the staff, as well.  It also gives me a chance to showcase my skills and knowledge, helping students to learn through real-world experience.

As a preceptor, I was able to remain connected with my Penn colleagues.  This helped to open up opportunities for me to guest lecture, and ultimately, I became part of the faculty.  In my current position, I truly understand that the partnership between preceptor, student, and faculty is paramount in the success that a student will find after graduation. It is a win-win for both the students and the School.”