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Statement on Roe v. Wade Decision

Penn Nursing stands firm on its principles of equitable access to health care—including abortion.


Today’s Roe v Wade decision reversed nearly 50 years of precedent, and eroded the freedoms and rights of millions of Americans. This decision does not mean that abortions will suddenly no longer occur in states where the procedure is no longer legal; it simply makes safe abortion more difficult and dangerous to access, and leads to higher rates of maternal mortality, poor mental health outcomes, childhood poverty, and increased social inequality. And while legislative and judicial decisions in reproductive health care have a profound impact on women, they also impact care providers in ways we may not yet fully understand.

Reproductive health, including abortion, should always be a personal health care issue decided upon by patients in consultation with health care providers. As nurses, we must remain vigilant to the ripple effect of this decision, while continuing to support our patients and work towards health care equity for all. Whether here in our home state of Pennsylvania, where abortion remains safe and legal, or in Oklahoma, where most abortions are now illegal, nurses will continue to advocate for their patients, promote high quality, evidence-based health care for all people, and educate patients and legislators on options for reproductive health care.