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Terri Lipman, PhD, FAAN, CRNP Transitions from Standing Faculty at Penn Nursing After More Than Three Decades of Service

Terri Lipman, PhD, FAAN, CRNP, the Miriam Stirl Endowed Term Professor of Nutrition and Assistant Dean for Community Engagement, will be transitioning on June 30, 2022, after an incredible 33 years of service to the University and School. Terri has held a clinical practice in the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and has been a strong voice for nurses and children in her service to the School, the University, and our West Philadelphia community.

Dr. Lipman has been an impactful researcher, teacher, practitioner, and colleague. She is internationally recognized for her research on growth in children, with the Philadelphia Pediatric Diabetes registry, and her focus on racial and gender disparities. She has led an outstanding research and practice career, as evidenced by her publication of over 160 peer-reviewed journal articles, federal and foundation funding, and investment in translating her science to the community.

As Assistant Dean, her work with and in the community remains outstanding. Dr. Lipman launched the Community Champions program for our students, has supported faculty seeking to enhance their courses through community engagement activities, and developed a case study focused on addressing the social determinants of health. During the pandemic, Dr. Lipman led the charge in responding to the civic needs of the City of Philadelphia, University, and local community. Together with her students, she distributed 2000 COVID survival kits to surrounding community, and let Penn’s MASCUP, a CDC surveillance program of mask usage on university campuses and surrounding community. Dr. Lipman has worked tirelessly in aligning strategically with our health care, city agencies, and community partners such as Puentes de Salud. These partnerships continue to promote a more diverse nursing workforce reflective of inclusivity, equality, and social justice. She has developed high-priority cross-school initiatives such as Penn Futures that designs and supported neighborhood strategies to address systematic inequities affecting outcomes of children and families.

Dr. Lipman has received numerous awards and recognitions for her teaching, research, practice and service to the School, the University, and the discipline of Nursing. Among her many career highlights, Dr. Lipman is the recipient of the University’s Provost-Netter Center Faculty-Community Partnership Award, Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, Norma M. Lang Distinguished Award for Scholarly Practice and Policy, and the Excellence in Advanced Practice Award- Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society. Dr. Lipman is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and of the Society for Pediatric Research.