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Lindback for De Jonghe

The University of Pennsylvania is honoring Penn Nursing’s Bart C. De Jonghe, PhD, Associate Professor of Nutrition in the Department of Biobehavioral Health Sciences (BHS), Associate Director of Undergraduate Nutrition Programs, and Vice-Chair of Penn’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, with the 2022 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Dr. De Jonghe was a driving force behind the establishment of a first-of-its-kind, second-degree Undergraduate Major in Nutrition Science in the School of Nursing. This second-degree major provides nursing students with unique interdisciplinary training in the biological, pathophysiological, biochemical, metabolic and social science constructs of nutrition and highlights the role of nutrition in health and disease. De Jonghe is a master teacher who communicates the excitement of his research to students and inspires them with his innovative teaching methods and use of active learning classrooms. As a result, he is adept at helping students look at the fundamentals of nutrition with a critical and informed perspective. Students report that he changes the way in which they view nutrition science. His teaching style is to engage the students with personal stories, pondering questions, an open discussion format for students to debate, discuss, and digest the topics covered. His love for teaching is apparent from the stellar student evaluations he receives that note his class is “the best course” taken at Penn Nursing.

De Jonghe has also demonstrated steadfast commitment to effective teaching and mentorship of graduate students. To date, he has served as a mentor for one post-doctoral fellow, as chair of a dissertation committee for a former PhD Nursing student, and as a member of numerous dissertation and qualifying exam committees both at Penn Nursing and in the Biomedical Graduate Studies program. Many of De Jonghe’s mentees have gone on to successful, accomplished careers. Additionally, evidence of De Jonghe’s distinguished teaching extends into the annual faculty award cycle. De Jonghe’s many honors include the 2015 Dean’s Award for Exemplary Teaching, and the 2014 Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Scholarly Mentorship.

De Jonghe, and this year’s other University award recipients, will be honored at a reception on Monday, April 25, 2022 at 5 p.m.