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Impressive Showing for Student Nurses at Penn During Annual Convention

The Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP) were a powerhouse – winning awards/scholarships/elections, having legislative impact, making presentations – at the 69th Annual Convention of the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania held November 18-19, 2021, in Harrisburg.

Scholarships & Awards

Penn’s SNAP chapter was awarded the social media, newsletter, and website awards. Delaney Wilkinson (SNAP President) was awarded the Leader of Tomorrow Award. John Palmer (SNAP Vice President) was awarded the Rena M. Lawrence Award. Charlotte Cecarelli (SNAP Legislative Coordinator) was awarded The Jamey Thiel Miller Legislative Award.

Penn students won 90% of the total upperclassmen scholarships that were awarded.

Delegates & Resolutions

Penn Nursing had six delegates and six alternate delegates represent the School. One of the most important jobs the delegates have is to vote on whether to pass the resolutions presented from each school, or not. The resolution presented by Penn Nursing, In Support of Increasing Nursing Student Awareness and Understanding of Health Equity Concepts, passed.


Four Penn Nursing Students were elected to the State Board of Directors:

  • John Palmer was elected Vice President
  • Charlotte Cecarelli was elected Secretary/Treasurer
  • Emma Hovestadt was elected Central Philadelphia Regional Coordinator
  • Jane Foster was elected Nominations and Elections Chair


Tara Teipel presented a research poster on Implementing PrEP for Women Who Inject Drugs in Healthcare Settings.

SNAP Advisor Diane Spatz, PhD, presented a workshop on breastfeeding and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, Penn Nursing sent 20 students to the convention. They included: seniors Isabel Buckingham, Charlotte Cecarelli, Amanda Chuang, Lisa Kalnik, and Delaney Wilkinson; juniors John Palmer and Tara Teipel; sophomores Julia Badolato, Alissa Brubaker, Huseyin Cakir, Nicholas Eiler, and Megan Laubacher; and first-year students Abigail Borland, Jane Foster, Emma Hovestadt, Zarah Huo, Sofia Perfetti, Kristen Rambaud, Liza Zabolotneva, and Tracy Zhang.