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Kimberly Reda, GRN’23

“I have been lucky enough to work in multiple areas of nursing including ER, trauma, critical care, cath lab and then cardiology and cardiac surgery as a NP.

There are multiple experiences and patients that have had an impact on me. I do believe covid was a pivotal point in my career since I went back to work in the ER. Those days were difficult due to the circumstances and devastating impact of covid but it also validated why I went into nursing and my desire to help others. As an APN, heart failure patients leave such an impact on me and make me want to further my education in order to better serve my patients.

I am so grateful to be a student at UPenn. Dr. Kiss and Dr. Saybolt who trained at Penn Medicine really inspired me to further my career and education with Penn. Dr. Kiss spent countless hours teaching and training me and always made me want to achieve more and further educate myself. He truly did inspire me to want to be trained and educated at UPenn and have access to the myriad of opportunities this education offers.

I know my education here is preparing me to be a nurse leader and innovator. My professors and fellow classmates come from diverse backgrounds and give me such new insight and I value their experiences. I have attended some of the virtual symposiums with Penn Medicine and I am implementing the education I learn to my own practice.

Penn Nursing has already left such an impact on my career and education and I know it will continue to.

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