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Integrated Innovation

PennNursing is based on a rock-solid foundation of cutting-edge nursing education. From our beginnings as the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Training School for Nurses and through to today, our School has always committed to doing more, to developing the next generation of great nurses and great leaders, to being the solution to better health here in the States and around the world. Through the successful Innovating for Life and Living Campaign, which ended only months ago, we built on that foundation, expanding our work to integrate innovation into everything we do.

An unintended benefit of centering innovation is that it readied Penn Nursing to meet the challenges of COVID-19 head-on. Investments in education that were made possible through generous support of the Campaign meant that we were more prepared to provide students with the technology and tools needed to learn in a digital environment. Expansion of community engagement efforts right here in our own backyard—both because of the Campaign and through our Year of the Nurse & Midwife celebrations—helped us mobilize our faculty and students and allowed us to be more impactful at a time when underserved communities needed us most.

This issue of Penn Nursing magazine demonstrates the inspiring impact that has resulted from gifts to the Campaign and provides insight into what that innovation looks like in the world. While we’re looking at nursing innovation in a new light these days, nurses have always naturally been at the nexus of health care and ingenuity. You’ll read about the many ways our alumni have brilliantly challenged existing practices during the pandemic, which ultimately saved lives and changed the very face of health care.

We’re proud of our growth as a School, and now we’re ready to build again through a new strategic plan. Again, we can do more. Wherever nurses work—whether in a clinical role, engaging in research, or sharing their health care knowledge in an executive role (and everywhere in between)—we are in a position to lead a revolution: A revolution for better health for all people.

It all starts with a bold strategic plan and the vision to develop experts and leaders in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs, buoyed by friends and supporters like you who understand what’s at stake. Thank you for being a constant ally to our work and an advocate for nurses everywhere.