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Penn Nursing and VinUniversity Enhance Educational Partnership

Penn Nursing and VinUniversity recently signed a Letter of Intent on the exploration of a coordinated undergraduate-to-advanced-nursing-degree pathway.

The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (Penn Nursing) and VinUniversity (VinUni), a private not-for-profit university in Vietnam, recently agreed to enhance their educational partnership, launched in 2018, with the exploration of a coordinated undergraduate-to-advanced-degree pathway. Discussions are ongoing regarding the implementation and launch of the program and will continue throughout this academic year.

“We have been so impressed with the leadership of VinUni, and their recognition that nurses are central to advancing health and health care in Vietnam,” said Antonia M. Villarruel, Professor and Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. “Their commitment to nursing has been unwavering, and we are excited to build upon this important initiative. The integration of VinUni students and Penn Nursing students will bring enormous benefit—not only to our students, but to our patients, families, and communities.”

As currently proposed, students enrolled in the program would have a choice between two options—three years at VinUni followed by two years at Penn Nursing, or four years at VinUni followed by one year at Penn Nursing—with both five-year pathways leading to an advanced nursing degree.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to develop the unique pathway for VinUniversity nursing students to pursue an advanced degree at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing.” said Rohit Verma, Professor and Provost of VinUniversity. “Penn Nursing is the world leader in nursing education, and this collaborative degree program will bring the most talented students from both universities together, further strengthening the bonds between the two. We are grateful for Penn’s faculty and their years of dedicated guidance, mentoring, and support, which has allowed VinUni to develop an innovative nursing program that addresses the growing health care needs in Vietnam and beyond.”