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Investing in Women’s Mental Health, a new paper by Foxwell, Kennedy & Naylor

In a new commentary, predoctoral students Anessa Foxwell and Erin Kennedy, and NewCourtland Center director Mary Naylor, discuss the urgent need to address mental health challenges experienced by women during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a fifth of women reported experiencing a behavioral health problem. Multiple national reports have shown an increase in mental health challenges since the pandemic spread throughout the U.S. 

The authors provide four priority action areas:

  • assure equitable access to mental health services
  • invest in building a workforce prepared to address women’s mental health needs
  • support widespread implementation of interventions targeting major stressors experienced by women 
  • promote adequate reimbursement linked to quality standards

Read the full paper at the Journal of Women’s Health.