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The U.S. Clinician Wellbeing Study (CWS) is well underway!

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, nurse leaders from 60 participating Magnet® hospitals have been eager to continue participating in the study to determine whether the value of positive work environments affects clinician wellbeing and thus, patient safety and quality of care. We appreciate their efforts and collaboration and look forward to a successful completion of this important study and disseminating the study findings.

by Colleen V. Anusiewicz, PhD, RN, Project Manager, March 12, 2021

Over the past few months, the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research has been communicating with the 60 Magnet hospitals from across the nation that are participating in the study to ensure all is ready for the survey launch. The survey includes items that assess the work environment, staffing, quality of care and patient safety assessments, and clinician wellbeing, including engagement, burnout, work-life balance, depression, anxiety, sleep quality.

Due to COVID-19, we are conducting a rolling survey launch occurring January through April. Two hospitals launched the survey in January to eligible nurses, advanced practice providers (APRNs and PAs), and physicians; 48 hospitals launched the survey in late February. The remaining hospitals will launch in March and April. Data collection is scheduled to occur for approximately three full weeks for each survey launch. To facilitate healthy competition, the hospitals are receiving reports on their response rates each week. More

Once data collection concludes in late April/early June, we will begin pre-liminary analysis and provide each hospital with an individualized benchmark report. The benchmarking data report will be relative to peer hospitals and will be presented in the aggregate without naming the comparison hospitals.