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Introducing SimMan 3G

Meet SimMan 3G, Penn Nursing’s newest simulator on the block! A resident manikin, better known as Hector, comes from a long line of renowned SimMen.

You may even recognize his great-grandfather, SimMan Classic, from his work at Penn Nursing in decades past.

Hector has been acclimating well to his new surroundings. Originally hailing from the Laerdal headquarters in Norway, he’s been breaking through the language barrier and has quickly learned such phrases as “Yes,” “No,” and “Doc, I feel like I’m gonna die!” He enjoys long rests in the hospital bed, a cool sodium chloride drip on a hot day, and watching students succeed in both practice and testing scenarios. He dislikes liquids near his internal mechanics, pens on his skin—and don’t even get him started on tape residue from wound dressings!

Since he started at Penn Nursing, in December of 2019, Hector has stayed quite busy. After undergoing a fasciotomy for NURS-2450, he’s healing nicely and looks forward to weekly acetaminophen administration from the students in NURS-1650. When asked about his spring break plans, Hector shared that he’s going to take it easy and make sure his legs get nice and dried out for NURS-2550’s upcoming dermatitis scenario.

When asked for his opinion of the new guy, SimMan Essential said, “I’m feeling very dizzy,” and it’s easy to see why! Boasting the highest fidelity of any simulator on the scene, Hector has been showing off by dilating and constricting his pupils to light, sweating, crying, bleeding, seizing, and even experiencing occasional cyanosis.

We can’t wait to watch Hector grow more in his role with each new semester. He’s ready to make an impact on student learning, and with a wireless functionality that lasts four continuous hours, he’s virtually unstoppable to do so. Make sure you stop by room 120 to say hi to the newest addition to our team. You’ll be certain to get an “I feel better now” back.