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Student Initiatives

Our students are some of the greatest assets to our school and community.

Community Champions

Our student-led Community Champions program—which comprises 15 initiatives—brings Penn Nursing students out of the classroom and into the greater Philadelphia community to share their skills and learn from their experiences. Find out more about all the different ways we serve the community here!


About some of Community Champion’s partnerships 

One program, Dance for Health, offers free dance fitness classes aimed to empower community members of all ages to take their health into their own hands through an activity that is easily accessible, free, and enjoyable. This program not only gets the blood pumping, but also provides the opportunity for nursing students to mentor high school students, while evaluating the impact of the activity on the participants.

Community Champions address hypertension, one of Philadelphia’s worsening chronic diseases, at CUT Hypertension. This partner with medical students to provide blood pressure screenings, education, and referrals to local clinics for men in Philadelphia barbershops. Check out the program in the local news

Other initiatives include diabetes awareness and asthma outreach programs that, in collaboration with Penn’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships, teach children prevention methods and give them the tools to manage these conditions and potential complications.

Community Champions at MercyLIFE — West Philadelphia engage older community members with a chair-dancing program created by nursing students. The program provides health care services and socialization to allow older individuals to live in their homes as long as possible.

Students’ Community Engagement in the News!