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Student Initiatives

Our students are some of the greatest assets to our school and community.

Community Champions

Our student-led Community Champions program—which comprises over 15 initiatives—brings Penn Nursing students out of the classroom and into the greater Philadelphia community to share their skills and learn from their experiences. Find out more about all the different ways we serve the community here!

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Minorities in Nursing Organization (MNO)

Minorities in Nursing Organization (MNO) provides a supportive network, particularly for minorities and students of color in the nursing school. We promote cultural awareness within the School of Nursing, the University at large, and within the Philadelphia community for all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. Our aim is to do this through community service and self-education. Learn more about MNO here

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Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association (APANSA)

APANSA stands for the Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association and at Penn, we foster leadership, promote peer mentoring, and engage in social events that will engender relationships to carry our nursing profession forward. We seek opportunities for students to engage with faculty and community service events, particularly in the APA community. For more information, go to our webpage

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Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP)

SNAP Community Service collaborates with a wide range of volunteer organizations around the Philadelphia area to engage nursing students with their local community. Our hope in spreading awareness of these great causes is to inspire future nursing leaders to promote health and activism in their own neighborhoods. Read more SNAP’s community service projects here!

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