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Participating Faculty

Penn Nursing faculty bring the benefit of their research, teaching, practice, and service to enrich the lives of community members, with an emphasis on bringing the health of marginalized and underserved populations into focus.

We value and support our faculty who choose to work in the community. Community engagement is a core component of our educational ethos and an imperative aid in how we approach clinical care. It’s practical work, and we team up with community partners who give students the opportunity to put theory into practice and help us promote positive social change in our local, national, and global communities.

Assistant Dean for Community Engagement:

  • <span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/44-terri-lipman"><img src="/live/image/gid/84/width/240/height/240/crop/1/src_region/241,0,1605,1365/3049_terri-lipman2.rev.1490291278.jpg" alt="Terri Lipman" class="lw_image" width="240" height="240" srcset="/live/image/scale/2x/gid/84/width/240/height/240/crop/1/src_region/241,0,1605,1365/3049_terri-lipman2.rev.1490291278.jpg 2x, /live/image/scale/3x/gid/84/width/240/height/240/crop/1/src_region/241,0,1605,1365/3049_terri-lipman2.rev.1490291278.jpg 3x" data-max-w="1364" data-max-h="1365"/></a></span><h4><a href="/live/profiles/44-terri-lipman">Terri Lipman</a></h4><div class="lw_profiles_title"/><div class="lw_profiles_3">Miriam Stirl Endowed Term Professor of Nutrition</div><div class="lw_profiles_40">Assistant Dean for Community Engagement</div>

Nursing faculty working in the community: