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Nursing undergraduates are using Community Champions as a vehicle for promoting healthy lifestyles. The program has 12 diverse initiatives that engages with various aspects within the Philadelphia community.


Dance for Health at Sayre 
Brings the community together for free line dancing classes, led by Selena Williams. All members of the West Philadelphia community can participate - from young children to older adults. Penn nursing and medical students mentor local high school students on health monitoring, and together they track the progress of the dancing participants. Through this data collection process, students analyze how the dancing affects heart rate, weight, etc. and ultimately how it impacts health.
Dance for Health at Huey 

Is a community program established at Huey Elementary School with the purpose of increasing physical activity among schoolchildren through dance. Physical activity is measured by pedometers, and the nursing students track the numbers along with heart rate, weight, and height of the elementary students. Through the program, children learn to stay active while having fun.

Dance for Health at LIFE

Dance for Health at Living Independently for the Elderly (LIFE) is a weekly 45-minute, low intensity chair aerobics class for older adults of the community. All of our dance moves are done to music and can be done while seated. We are currently collecting data and survey responses to analyze mental health and exercise in the geriatric population.

Library Partnership

The Library Partnership is designed to promote health to the greater Philadelphia community (youth to the elderly). This is done by organizing and running health lessons in local libraries. Penn nursing students create lesson plans and educate the community through presentations and interactive programs.

Diabetes Awareness Mentorship

This initiative aims to spread awareness about diabetes and promote health throughout the West Philadelphia community. 4th and 5th graders at Huey Elementary School collaborate each week to learn about the causes of and risk factors for diabetes. The students gain knowledge about diabetes and learn how to improve their overall health. Some sample topics that have been discussed at the program include counting carbs and physical activity.

 Health Class at Comegys 
A health curriculum is created for first and second graders as an adjunct to health classes conducted at Comegy. Volunteers teach health classes in a fun, creative way to support and reinforce health knowledge. 
Asthma Reduction Outreach Team
The Asthma Reduction Outreach Team is a continuation to the ABSC asthma course taught at Huey Middle School. Instead of basic education, we work to engage the students to inspire advocacy and change in their communities through trigger reduction/awareness.
Health Sciences Exploration Program
A team of medical and nursing students created an after-school program for 6th-8th graders at Huey Middle School. which allows students to explore in depth sciences of different health topics  (diabetes, nutrition, exercise physiology, acne & hygiene, and asthma), as well as learn to become mentors/leaders on health  topics.
Fruit Stands
In conjunction to learning about nutrition, participants work with students to prepare fruit to sell to their peers. Students also acquire important business and marketing skills.
Puentes de Salud 
Is an organization that aims to provide high-quality health care, community building, and educational programs (tutoring and mentorships) to the growing Latino population in South Philadelphia. This initiative also improves the community’s wellness and health. Puentes Hacia el Futuro, which translates into Bridges Toward the Future, is the education  branch within the larger nonprofit organization and supports the idea that the key to improved health outcomes is education.
Breaking the Cycle 
Bridging the Gaps