Community Champions

A service-learning organization for students to cultivate a better understanding of Philadelphia’s communities and promote population health in a variety of settings! A service-learning organization for students to cultivate a better understanding of Philadelphia's communities and promote population...

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Our mission is to enhance the educational experience of Penn Nursing students by providing meaningful opportunities for learning to address the social determinants of health through community engagement - and by doing so, effect positive changes in health and wellness in the members of the community.

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    Nursing Students Engage

    You’ll find them inside senior centers and on the sidelines of kids’ sports practices.
    They’re at free COVID-19 testing sites and packing meals inside local nonprofits. You can spot them presenting legislative resolutions and chatting with marginalized populations about their greatest needs. Just as they have since the school’s earliest days, Penn Nursing students are consistently bringing their skills out of the classroom and into local communities, while learning more about those communities in the process. Whether they choose service-focused classes, student clubs, paid work, or volunteer opportunities, Penn Nursing students today are more tapped into the city around them than ever before. Here’s what that engagement looks like for nine current undergrads.


    Health Care and Social Justice: Perfect Together

    Connecting social issues and mental illness, and improving outcomes through advocacy and health care.