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Answers to Nurse Survey Respondents Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is RN4CAST-Australia? It is an independent scientific research study commissioned by Queensland Health and carried out by experts at the University of Pennsylvania and the Queensland University of Technology to evaluate patient outcomes and nursing care in Queensland. The study is the largest study of its kind on nursing care and patient outcomes in Australia. It’s your opportunity to make a difference by demonstrating the impact of nursing on high quality care.
  2. Does this type of research ever influence anything important?  Yes, our international research on nurse-to-patient ratios around the world influenced the decision of Queensland policymakers to improve nurse staffing. Read about Queensland Health’s legislation at this link. Here you can find examples of our research which was considered in Queensland in the decision to improve nurse staffing.
  3. I do not work in a hospital, should I still complete the survey?  Yes, we need your answers whether you are in the hospital workforce or not. Please respond no matter what your current employment status is. If you are not currently employed in a hospital, you will be asked to respond to a limited number of questions only. Everyone’s answers are very important. Please respond.
  4. Can I complete the survey now even if I didn’t complete a survey in 2016 or 2017? Yes, we need your answers whether you completed the survey in 2016 and or 2017 or not.  
  5. Is this survey private? Yes, the survey is confidential and all identifying information is removed. The survey data are carefully secured and are not available to anyone but the researchers. All publications will report findings only in the aggregate and no individual hospitals will be identified.
  6. Can I write additional comments on the survey? Yes, there is a write-in box at the end of the survey where you can provide additional comments.
  7. My computer flagged the online site as not trustworthy, what should I do? Some older versions of browsers cannot evaluate security certificates. If you get this message in responding to our survey, you should accept and continue. Our site is fully secure and trustworthy.
  8. Has the study received ethics approval? Yes, this study has been approved by the University of Pennsylvania’s Institutional Review Board (protocol approval 824954) as well as the Queensland University of Technology Human Research Ethics Committee. QUT Ethics Approval Number 1600000455. Read the formal approval document in the Participation Information form.