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Nurses4All FAQ

By participating in the study, you will help to actively showcase the profound impact of nursing on high-quality healthcare. This study remains impartial and scientifically driven, backed by funding from the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR/NIH), free from any commercial or political interests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nurses4All

What is Nurses4All?

Nurses4All is the largest study examining nurse work environments, care quality, and patient outcomes. Its purpose lies in generating insights that enhance both nursing work environments and the overall quality of patient care across various practice settings. Click here to learn more about Nurses4All.

Why should I participate?

We understand that as a nurse, you’re often asked to participate in surveys, yet the tangible outcomes for you, your colleagues, and your patients remain elusive. Our dedicated team is committed to changing this pattern by translating your valuable insights into concrete actions through rigorous research.

Past survey endeavors led to impactful publications in renowned clinical and policy journals such as JAMA, The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, and Health Affairs. These publications have played a pivotal role in driving real-world changes in policies and practices. They have influenced critical areas like nurse staffing policies, national recognition of nurse burnout as a priority, reforms in nursing education, integration of nursing in benchmarking initiatives and payment policies, and even the expansion of advanced practice nurse scope of practice.

The ongoing survey seeks to address not only these persisting issues but also newer critical aspects. These include the concerning prevalence of violence against nurses, the assurance of safe working conditions, adequate management support for frontline nurses, effective integration of technology, alleviation of documentation burdens, assessment of pay and benefits adequacy, and tackling moral distress.

By participating, you contribute to a vital process that ensures your experiences and challenges are actively considered in steering impactful changes. Your voice matters, and this survey aims to bring your voice to the forefront of healthcare reform.

Why was I selected for this survey?
Your name is on the list of currently licensed nurses in your state from the State Board of Nursing.
I am retired or not currently working in nursing, should I still complete the survey?
Yes, every nurse, practicing or not, is important. Please respond no matter what your current employment status is (retired, disabled, temporarily out of the workforce, or not working in nursing).
Can I still participate if I don’t work in a hospital?
Absolutely! The survey includes questions relevant to all nurses and your voice matters. Any licensed nurse can participate, regardless of status (working, retired, etc.), role (LPN, RN, APRN), or setting (hospital, home care, etc.).
What if I work where no patient care is delivered?
As a nurse in a non-clinical setting, you provide vital perspective on the types of jobs nurses hold in the current workforce.
Is this survey confidential?
Yes, entirely. Your data is protected—identifying info is removed before the research team reviews it. A NIH Certificate of Confidentiality ensures your privacy. Your identity stays undisclosed, even in publications. Further Certificate of Confidentiality info available here.
Why do you need to know my demographic information?
To describe the nursing workforce and show that our research offered nurses from all backgrounds an opportunity to participate.
I made an error on one of the questions on the survey. Can I redo it?
Only if a back arrow / back button shows up on your screen, else an answer cannot be changed once it has been submitted.
Can I write additional comments on the survey?
Yes, there are several text box opportunities within the survey for additional feedback.
What is the research study timeline?
Data collection will occur in Fall 2023. Publication of results are expected to begin in Spring 2024.
What is your Institutional Review Board (IRB) number?
Our IRB number is #850227. This study has been approved by the University of Pennsylvania’s IRB and follows all federal and state requirements for the protection of human subjects.