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Clinical Nurse Research Mentorship Program

The Nurse Research Scholarship Program is a research skill development curriculum designed to provide clinical nurses an opportunity to enhance their learning and understanding of the research process and participate in nursing research. 

First row from left: CHOPR Faculty: Dr. Margo Brooks Carthon and Dr. Linda Aiken; PAH Nurse Resea...First row from left: CHOPR Faculty: Dr. Margo Brooks Carthon and Dr. Linda Aiken; PAH Nurse Research Scholars, Erin Kelly Hellyer and Mary Houton, PAH Program Director, Dr. Linda Hatfield. Second row from left: CHOPR Fellows, Amelia Schlak, Dr. Andrew Dierkes, Kathryn Riman and Rachel French.


Program Goals

  • Integrate research and the evidence based practice processes 
  • (EBP) into clinical practice through development and demonstration of research–related skills;
  • Identify and utilize research support services available within the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System; and
  • Foster professional growth and development of nurses at all levels at PPMC and PAH through the acquisition of research and EBP skills.

Program Objectives

  • Conduct guided work and receive education, mentoring, and support from the Director of Education and Nursing Research.
  • Join a productive research team at the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
  • Manage one research project from the potential priority areas for the duration of the appointment.
  • Disseminate results through a joint authored publication and/or the presentation relevant to patient care outcomes delivered at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital or a national conference.

Papers and Presentations

Level of Nursing Engagement and Staffing Key Determinants in Nurses’ Assessments of Patient Safety (2018)
Winner of the “Outstanding Poster Award” at the 6th Annual PennMedicine Nursing Research Conference. 

Increasing Research Capacity in a Safety Net Setting Through an Academic Clinical Partnership. 
Authors:  J. Margo Brooks Carthon, Sarah Holland, Kerry Gamble, Helyn Rothwell, Darcy Pancir, Jim Ballinghoff, Linda Aiken The Journal of Nursing Administration (2017)   DOWNLOAD

“They’re on the Fast Track,” Older Blacks Describe Experiences of Nursing Care Quality During Hospitalization.
Authors: J. Margo Brooks Carthon, Jessica Rearden, Darcy Pancir, Kerry Gamble, Helyn Rothwell Clinical Nursing Research (2016). DOWNLOAD

Higher Quality of Care and Patient Safety Associated with Better NICU Work Environments.  
Authors: Eileen Lake, Sunny G. Hallowell, Ann Kutney Lee, Linda A. Hatfield, Mary DelGuidice, Lauren N. Ellis, L. Verica, Linda H. Aiken. Journal of Nursing Care Quality (2016). DOWNLOAD

Higher Quality of Care, Patient Safety, and Patient Satisfaction Associated with Higher Staff Engagement.
Authors: Hayley Germack, Linda Hatfield, Sharon Kelly, Patricia Maguire, Andrew Dierkes, Mary Del Guidice, Linda Aiken. Organizational Behavior, AcademyHealth-2016. 

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