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Our Publications

 New CHOPR Papers

Lasater, KB. and Schlak, AE.
Quality of End of Life Care in Magnet® and Non-Magnet Hospitals. Download

Brooks Carthon JM, Hedgeland T, Brom H, Hounshell D, and Cacchione PZ
“You only have time for so much in 12 hours” unmet social needs of hospitalized patients: A qualitative study of acute care nurses. Journal of Clinical Nursing. Download

Cimiotti J, Li Y, Sloane DM, Barnes H, Brom HM, and Aiken LH
Regulation of the nurse practitioner workforce: implications for care across settings. Journal of Nurse Regulation. Download

Lake E, French R, O’Rourke K, Sanders J, and Srinivas SK
Linking the work environment to missed nursing care in labor and delivery (L&D).
Journal of Nursing ManagementDownload

Lasater KB, Jarrín OF, Aiken LH, McHugh MD, Sloane DM, and Smith HL.
A methodology for surveying organizational performance: a multi-state survey of front-line providers. Medical Care. Download

White EM, Aiken LH, and McHugh MD
Registered nurse burnout, job dissatisfaction, and missed care in nursing homes.
Journal of the American Geriatrics SocietyDownload

Recent Publications (2018-2019)

Nurses’ and patients’ appraisals show patient safety in hospitals remains a concern. 
Aiken LH, Sloane DM, Barnes H, Cimiotti J. 
Health Affairs.   Download

Nurses’ and patients’ appraisals show patient safety in hospitals remains a concern. 
Aiken LH, Sloane DM, Barnes H, Cimiotti J.
Health Affairs.   Download

Hospital nurse staffing and patient outcomes. 
Aiken LH, Cerón C, Simonetti M, Lake ET, et al. Revista Médica Clínica las Condes Mayo 

The Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration: Implications for Medicare policy. 
Aiken LH, Dahlerbruch J, Todd B, et al. 
New England Journal of Medicine. Download

The Association of the Nurse Work Environment and Patient Safety in Pediatric Acute Care.  
Lake ET, Roberts K, Agosto P, et al. 
Journal of Patient Safety. Download

Quality of end of life care and its association with nurse practice environments in US hospitals. 
Lasater K, McHugh M, Sloane D, et al. 
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society Download

Effect of changes in hospital nursing resources on improvements in patient safety and quality of care: A panel study. 
Sloane D, Smith H, McHugh M, et al. 
Medical Care. Download

Rural and non-rural primary care physician practices increasingly rely on nurse practitioners. 
Barnes H, Richards MR, Martsolf G, et al. 
Health Affairs. Download

CHOPR Faculty Publications

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