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Our Work

Our interdisciplinary collection of faculty and students collaborate on women’s health scholarship, education, and clinical practice relevant to global issues.

Faculty practice and programs of research use a health equity framework with a focus on social justice. On this page you can navigate through the Center for Global Women’s Health’s ongoing work, which ranges from research topics, international projects, and publications.

It’s On Us PA

The Center has been awarded funding from the Governor’s It’s On Us program, a statewide campaign that invites everyone to play a role in ending sexual assault. We are excited about the opportunity to engage with high school students and continue our partnership with The Netter Center for Community Partnerships.

Purpose: to use a peer-to-peer training model to facilitate a sexual violence bystander intervention to high school students.

2022 -  Working with Sayre High School students

2023 -  Working with West Philadelphia High School students

Challenge Grants for Women & Girls and People of Diverse Genders and/or Sex Characteristic from Birth to Death

These funds are awarded annually and are dedicated to advancing research focused on the health and well-being of women and girls and people of diverse genders and/or sex characteristics from birth through death. This funding is designed for investigators to expand their program of research in new directions, pilot new methodological approaches, test feasibility, and provide preliminary data to support extramural grant applications.

2023 Awardee
 Dalmacio Dennis Flores, PhD, ACRN, FAAN

Proposal Title: T he G.I.S.T. (Gender-Inclusive Sexuality Talks) Program: An Intervention Adaptation for HIV Prevention of Transgender and Gender Expansive Adolescents

Proposal Abstract: Transgender and gender expansive (TGE) youth who do not receive health messages that affirm their gender and sexual identities will often avoid seeking healthcare once they are adults. Through an emergent HIV prevention intervention to be called The G.I.S.T. (Gender Inclusive Sexuality Talks) Program, TGE youth can learn from caregivers about factual HIV prevention and sexual health information that is tailored and personalized to their unique needs based on their gender identities and sexuality. By longitudinally engaging TGE youth at home through inclusive sexual health discussions, we hypothesize that the G.I.S.T. intervention can relay essential information and life skills that will help TGE youth mitigate their HIV and sexual health risks as they come of age.

Proposal Keywords:   transgender, gender expansive, adolescents, caregiver, HIV prevention

2021 Awardee
Rebecca Clark, PhD, MSN, RN, CNM, WHNP-BC

Proposal Title: Identifying Unique Characteristics of Hospitals where Black Women have Optimal Birth Outcomes

Proposal Abstract: Black women in the United States give birth in hospitals that are different from where White women give birth and have higher rates of poor birth outcomes. There are a small number of hospitals where Black women experience better or equitable birth outcomes compared to White women. Identifying the unique characteristics of these hospitals associated would inform hospital-level interventions to increase equity in birth outcomes. The study objective is to describe hospitals in which Black women experience better or equivalent rates of SVB compared to White women and compare these to hospitals where Black women experience poorer birth outcomes. A retrospective, cross-sectional design will be used for the secondary data analysis. We will merge patient-, provider-, hospital-, and community-level datasets for four states (California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida) in 2016 and use descriptive and comparative statistics to complete the Specific Aims.

Proposal Keywords: health equity, parturition, hospitals, nursing

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