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Research & Discovery

Inquiry is the incubator of innovation, and Penn Nursing must continue to attract the most talented researchers and innovators. We must continue to grow our culture of inquiry—sustaining, accelerating, and expanding upon our movement into the newest areas of research and discovery.

What we’re doing

We are developing cutting edge research and emerging experts in Precision and Data Science— all while carving out rigorous new approaches to innovation — but what is the next frontier? We must remain in the vanguard of nursing schools by continuing to push the envelope and recruit new faculty leaders who specialize in emerging areas of science.



Why it’s urgent

With this future vision in mind, we have targeted the development of a new Research and Innovation Laboratory —a living, breathing incubator of cutting edge research and innovations — ensuring that the School is pushing the limits of discovery in health and health care. 

We view this laboratory not just as a place, but as a culture focused on facilitating nurse scientists’ ability to collaborate on projects, use design thinking, and scale pilots more quickly to ensure the rapid translation of research and innovation to quickly and effectively reach the individuals, families, and communities for whom we care.




How you can make an impact

Please contact us to discuss how you can get involved in these impact opportunities, or make a gift today.

Research and Innovation Laboratory:
Help make it possible for Penn Nursing to respond quickly and creatively to new areas of science, to support faculty innovation, and to invest in emerging technologies. Penn Nursing must build on its legacy of research and discovery — accelerating innovative, calculated risks to respond quickly and creatively to new areas of science. The Research and Innovation Laboratory will foster a culture of innovation at the School, create the future leaders of nursing, and fund rapid translation of research into patient care — making a significant impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

Endowed Faculty Chairs in Emerging Science:
Help us attract the most talented researchers and innovators by endowing faculty chairs, to make it possible for Penn Nursing to put groundbreaking scientists in emerging areas of science. Endowments will allow for support in recruitment, meaningful incentive packages, the use of technologies, post-doctoral fellows, and opportunities to collaborate across the University and to mentor junior faculty.

Endowed Director of Research and Innovation:
Endowing a Director of Research and Innovation would help the School focus its attention on the newest approaches and guide us through rigorous research through the application of the School’s discoveries. The Director would coordinate the mentoring of junior faculty, and supervise statistical and design staff.

Nursing Innovation Fund:
Maximize the impact of your gift by providing seed funding to support faculty and student projects that secure our role as a national hub of nursing innovation. This support funds nursing innovation in any part of its life cycle at the School: including exploring areas of emerging science and research innovation, promoting nurse leadership, and building a culture of innovation at Penn Nursing—all of which are critical to our ongoing growth, pre-eminence, and impact in nursing and health science. 

Give to Our Area of Greatest Need:
When you make a gift to the Dean’s Innovating for Life and Living Fund, you support our highest needs.