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Policy & Practice

We impact every stage of life from optimizing infant health to making teens safer, and from reducing societal violence to amplifying the quality of life for every one of us as we age. Our practices are accelerating applications of new research to improve care. Our methods are redesigning the nation’s health care system.

What we’re doing

Our discoveries, our leadership, and our advocacy are needed now more than ever.  In a time when public health issues like opioid addiction, the impact of gun violence, the need for quality long-term care for elders with multiple chronic illnesses, and the equally pressing need to build a brighter and healthier future for our children are reaching critical levels, Penn Nursing is focused on not just creating, but implementing, solutions.  In everything from embedding nurses more deeply in communities to continuing to improve patient care and nurses’ rights to practice to the full scope of their ability, we are driven to make an immediate difference in people’s lives. 



Why it’s urgent

In the coming decade, nursing is set to play an ever-larger role in improving life for us all, and Penn Nursing must continue to set the standard as a source of new knowledge that shapes policy and practice.

To do this, we must strengthen our academic partnerships within our own health system to model and scale up solutions to urgent challenges in health and health care, including how to prepare and develop extraordinary nurses and students. We must not stop locally, but collaborate across the country and around the world, building on our work as a voice in national policy and expanding and strengthening our faculty’s work around the globe. 



How you can make an impact

Please contact us to discuss how you can get involved in these impact opportunities, or make a gift today.

Academic Partnership Program:
Help Penn Nursing strengthen its most unique asset: proximity to a world class hospital system. The University of Pennsylvania Health System and the School of Nursing have a symbiotic relationship: they feed off one another’s excellence and we need to foster this Academic Partnership. The School can offer educational opportunities for nurses already in the health care system, including advanced degrees and the health system can offer incredible clinical experiences and research opportunities. With funding for collaborative education, research, and practice efforts, we can solve challenges in health care confronted every day, and develop extraordinary nurses and researchers.

The Penn Futures Project:

Help us improve the health and welfare of children by funding the Penn Futures Project, a joint effort of Nursing, GSE, and SP2. This project is a multi-disciplinary effort of research and programmatic initiatives, such as partnering with a local high school for health sciences to prepare professionals who work with youth, harnessing the power of cross-city agency data to create new solutions for children in poverty, and preparing practitioners to work with vulnerable LGBTQ youth. Support of this initiative includes innovative multidisciplinary clinical education and training, and dissemination of best practices throughout the community.

Global Impact Fund:
Funding our global initiatives that leverage our collaboration with the World Health Organization will address maternal health, primary care access, and nurse training in countries around the world.  The Global Impact Fund will support faculty with on-the-ground connections in the Pan American Health Organization’s area and create, implement, and maintain programs involving scholarship, practice, and service for both faculty and students.  Non-tuition aid for students studying globally will provide critical experience and allow them to advance in a globally focused career, enhancing our ability to recruit extraordinary students at the MSN level. Extended twelve month programs will build capacity and provide access where needed most in the world, and will maintain the School’s strong global profile.

Give to Our Area of Greatest Need:
When you make a gift to the Dean’s Innovating for Life and Living Fund, you support our highest needs.