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Campaign Stories

Penn Nursing has never been about leaving work undone.  We have always risen to the challenge.  We are, and always have been, a school and a community dedicated to making change happen—to innovating not just for care and cures, but for life and living. 

Partner with Us: Invest in Penn Nursing’s Transformative Power

Discover your area of impact by visiting our Education, Research, Policy, and Practice, and Global Health pages for sample giving opportunities. Contact us or make a gift today and, together, we can expand our reach and our impact to truly make a difference in the world!

Our Stories

Help us write the story of our future and the future of health care. Together we can continue to drive cutting edge solutions to some of today’s most pressing health care challenges.


  • Jerusalem

    Penn Nursing’s Elizabeth Wright Fund to Turn 40

    The Elizabeth Wright Fund—which gave Penn Nursing its first student exchange program—has its roots in a time when post-operative hospital stays were longer, and when private duty nurses attended patients in the hospital as well as at home after discharge.

  • Trustees’ Council of Penn Women Gift Supports West Philadelphia Women

    Penn Nursing’s West Philadelphia Women’s Day event will continue, thanks to a new grant from The Trustees’ Council of Penn Women (TCPW). Funding from TCPW will support Dr. Wendy Grube’s partnership with women from the medically underserved West Philadelphia community to investigate their most pressing health concerns and move forward with a second West Philadelphia Women’s Day event.

  • Sandy Samberg, Nu'94, GNu'95 and husband Joe Samberg

    Penn Nursing Family’s Generosity Impacts Global Travel and Storytelling

    New gifts from Sandy Samberg, Nu’94, GNu’95, and her husband, Joe Samberg are supporting life changing experiences for Penn Nursing students, and opportunities for students to share those experiences with a wider audience. The Sambergs’ investments in the Global Impact Fund and the Nursing Story Slam will help our students make the most of their Penn education.

  • Anonymous Donor Supports Global Women’s Health

    From rural areas of India to more locally in West Philadelphia, Penn Nursing’s Center for Global Women’s Health (CGWH) has an impact on health and healthcare on a global scale. In recognition of that leadership, an anonymous donor has made a $10,000 pledge, which will support the work of CGWH—at the direction of CGWH Director Dr. Wendy Grube—over the next several years.

  • The Arcadia Foundation Makes an Investment in Technology at Penn Nursing

    A generous grant from The Arcadia Foundation is helping to pave the way for integrating the latest tech advancements into education at Penn Nursing. The new funding supports our School’s Learning Technology Fund, a fund that supports state-of-the-art simulation experiences and a dynamic educational curriculum to prepare Penn Nursing students with the tools and experiences they need to provide care.

  • New Gift Dedicates Important Simulation Learning Space at Fagin Hall

    Penn alums Patricia Bleznak Silverstein, C’81 and Howard A. Silverstein, W’69 are advocating for innovation at Penn Nursing through education—by dedicating one of Fagin Hall’s four high fidelity simulation suites located in the Helene Fuld Pavilion for Innovative Learning and Simulation.