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From our students and graduates to our faculty and practice partners, Penn Nursing’s community makes a daily impact on health care. And so do our friends. However you choose to connect with Penn Nursing, you play a crucial role in our continued growth and excellence. You help to sustain our unrivaled legacy of innovation and ensure that Penn Nursing will remain the number one nursing school in the world.


Our Innovating for Life and Living Campaign Tour is coming to a city near you. Come out and join us to discover first-hand how Penn Nursing is extending its reach and expanding its global impact!

You can also visit campus to participate in annual favorites like Homecoming Weekend and Alumni Weekend , attend a faculty lecture in a city near you , or explore the world through Penn Alumni Travel . Attending Penn Nursing events inspires life-long learning and keeps you meaningfully connected to the School.



Penn Nursing wouldn’t be the best nursing school without philanthropic support. And this support is needed now, more than ever before, to sustain our excellence, drive innovation, and impact the future of health care. A gift from you, no matter the size, reaches far beyond the walls of Fagin Hall. It ensures that our students will go on to be global leaders in their chosen professions, that we can attract and retain the most exceptional faculty, and that the Penn Nursing community can continue to pursue new ideas and improve life and living in every corner of the world.

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Whether you are available for just 15 minute blocks or can travel to campus multiple times a month, whether you live in Philadelphia or in London, work in direct-patient care or are taking a break in your career, there’s a volunteer position for you! There are many opportunities that you can review here , or take our quick survey and let us help find the opportunity that is the best fit for you.

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We want to hear from you! Whether you follow us on social media, or just want to send us an email , we’d like to share your story. On social media, let us hear from you by using the hashtag #PennNursingInnovation.

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