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About the campaign

As part of The Power of Penn Campaign, we’ve launched a $60 million campaign to impact the future of policy and practice, the future of research and discovery, and the next generation of Penn Nursing leaders. 

Education And Leadership Vision

In practice, policy, and teaching, Penn Nursing influences what others do: other schools, health care systems, and the profession as a whole. We are where the most talented students and faculty want to be. This is one of the reasons over half of the recipients of Penn’s university-wide prize for engagement are either Nursing students or mentored by Nursing faculty. Learn More »

Research And Discovery Solutions

Inquiry is the incubator of innovation, and Penn Nursing must continue to attract the most talented researchers and innovators. We must continue to grow our culture of inquiry—sustaining, accelerating, and expanding upon our movement into the newest areas of research and discovery. Learn More »

Policy And Practice Impact

We impact every stage of life from optimizing infant health to making teens safer, and from reducing societal violence to amplifying the quality of life for every one of us as we age. Our practices are accelerating applications of new research to improve care. Our methods are redesigning the nation’s health care system. Learn More »

making An Impact

As the #1 Nursing School in the world, our students, faculty, and alumni are pioneering solutions to some of society’s most vexing issues and helping to seize some of its greatest opportunities. Through Penn Nursing’s campaign initiatives, donors will find singular ways to make an impact in the areas they care about most.

Discover how