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2018 Executive Board:

APANSA Board 2018APANSA Board 2018

President: Isabel Li (Nu ’19)
Vice President: Andre Angelia (Nu ’19)
Financial Chair: Karen Liao (Nu ’19)
Programming Chair: Heidi Chiu (Nu ’20)
Marketing Chair: Christine Oliva (Nu ’21)
Communications Chair: Selena Huang (Nu ’20)

Freshmen Liaisons: Anjelique Agudo & Jamie Chung (Nu ’21)


Jamille K. Nagtalon-Ramos, MSN, CRNP, WHNP-BC, IBCLC

Telephone: (215) 898-2989


Isabel Li, NURS’19

Hometown: Edison, NJ

What Does APANSA Mean to You: To me, APANSA is empowering. It strengthens my knowledge and understanding of my identity, while encouraging me to take initiative in leadership. It increases my awareness of health disparities and cultural barriers, so that I consider what it means to be a minority individual in healthcare. Ultimately, though, APANSA is a community–we function not only as a resource and support group for nursing students, but also as a family to have a meal with on a lazy Sunday and a group of friends to travel off-campus with!

Fun Fact: I have over 10 cousin-in-laws, and each is from a different country around the world! (makes for some interesting holiday meals)

Karen Liao, NURS’19, Minor: Healthcare Management

Hometown: Fremont, California

What Does APANSA Mean to You: APANSA is a wonderful community that I can always turn to for the best support, insight, and fun. In addition to the strong bond that holds all of us nurses together, I love how we also have a common goal in working for APA visibility in both the healthcare field and in the community. APANSA is truly an inspirational family that I’ve treasured during my 3 years at Penn so far, and I hope that we grow larger and stronger!

Fun Fact: I had two teeth when I was born! Thank God I have more than just those two teeth now.

Christine Oliva, NURS’21, Minor: Healthcare Management

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

What Does APANSA Mean to You: APANSA is like a soft blanket. It protects you, keeps you happy, and makes you feel safe. At Penn, we occasionally forget to stop and enjoy life while we’re out doing a million activities. APANSA serves as that outlet to relax with some amazing people, allows us to express ourselves, explore our APA identities, and keeps us grounded even when nursing school might seem too hard. It’s my home away from home; it’s not just a community, it’s a family.

Fun Fact: Before coming to Penn, I had never gone to any other states outside of the Midwest. Now, I can check off New York and Philly!

 Jamie Chung, NURS ’21

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

What Does APANSA Mean to You: APANSA is a social, academic, and cultural outlet that has provided me with a family within the tight nursing network and greater APSC community at Penn. From establishing strong mentor-mentee relationships with upperclassmen, I’ve come to see that APANSA has unfailingly served as a strong support group for APA nursing students. I am overjoyed to work with a bright group of people who are committed to carrying out APANSA’s mission statement.

Fun fact: My favorite dessert is ice cream 😀

Andre Angelia, NURS’19, Minor: Healthcare Management

Hometown: Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

What Does APANSA Mean to You: This organization is like my baby. I’ve been in APANSA since my freshman year and have only seen it grow ever since. APANSA’s board and general body is comprised of driven, compassionate, and outspoken individuals, who challenge me every day by taking a critical look at the role of Asian Pacific Islanders in nursing. It is a community that fosters camaraderie and serves as a safe space for discussion, which is crucial in today’s political climate. Overall, APANSA has served as my home away from home in the nursing school and I hope it can be the same for others here at Penn Nursing.

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Hong Kong last summer!

Heidi Chiu, NURS’20

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

What Does APANSA Mean to You: APANSA is a club where students can find support in anything and everything. Connected to both APSC and NSLC, we discuss topics that are important to the minority community in nursing (specifically those of the APA community). It’s a place where I have a family in nursing with people to look up to as well as people to mentor. I’m incredibly grateful for all the opportunities and resources APANSA has offered me ❤︎

Fun Fact: Despite trying since elementary school, I cannot whistle or snap properly 😞

Selena Huang, NURS’20, Minor: Global Health

Hometown: San Jose, California

What Does APANSA Mean to You: To me, APANSA is a family that supports one another in our growth as APA nurses, as well as a safe space that allows us to voice our ideas and opinions about what it truly means to be an Asian American in the nursing community.

Fun Fact: I’ve jumped out of a plane at 13,000 ft in the air!


Anjelique Agudo, NURS ’21

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

What Does APANSA Mean to You: APANSA is a community that allow students like me to be a voice for our Asian culture and profession as nurses. Through APANSA, I was able to become part of an organization that not only strives to tackle the various disparities in healthcare, but also, within the Asian Pacific American community. More specifically, APANSA is a safe and welcoming family that supports one another in every way.

Fun Fact: I have gone to every single One Direction tour.