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2020 Executive Board:

Not pictured: Amy Wong, ABSN liaison

Not pictured: Amy Wong, ABSN Liaison 

President: Casey Cheng (Nu ’22)
Vice President: Amy Xia (Nu ’22)
Financial Chair: Hannah Gu (Nu ’23)
Programming Chair: Linda Jiang (Nu ’23)
Marketing Chair: Annie Ni (Nu ’24)
Communications Chair: Jiwoo Song (Nu ’23)

Freshmen Liaisons: Benita Cui and Mona Wang (N’25)

ABSN Liaisons: Michelle Tran (N’21) and Amy Wong (N’21) 


Dr. Flores

Dalmacio Dennis Flores, PhD, ACRN

Telephone: 215-573-8253 



Casey Cheng, NURS’22, Minor: Urban Education

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Why APANSA?: Ultimately, I joined APANSA for the people! Everyone was super warm, welcoming, and willing to invest in me as a little freshman :’) It was so empowering to be surrounded by such passionate people who weren’t afraid to speak up and spark change. APANSA also provided an intersection between my Asian American identity and nursing identity, and opportunities to explore both <3

Interests: Calligraphy, bullet journaling, Trader Joes, my pets! 

Favorite Quote/ Something You Live By: Everyone has their own story


Hannah Gu, NURS’23 

Hometown: East Hanover, NJ

Why APANSA?: APANSA was a really great way for me join the AAPI community at Penn, especially coming from a predominantly white hometown where I couldn’t find connections to that identity. I’m so thankful for the new friends I have made through this organization and for the insight I gained from upperclassmen about nursing as a career path and what it means to be an AAPI nurse. I’m looking forward to expanding aFAMsa and continuing to create a welcoming community for all current and future members!

Interests: Music, Netflix, Tik Tok, books, global health, your cute pets, fave foods, travel, anything really!

Favorite Quote/Something You Live By: Don’t feel like you have to put off your happiness until later (after this test, after this week, after this semester…) because happiness comes in a lot of different forms. If it means sleeping for a little longer or indulging in a snack or skipping a lecture to hang out with friends, remember that you did yourself a service.


Annie Ni, NURS ’24, Minors: Health Services Management, Global Health

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Why APANSA?: As a freshman coming to such a large school I was afraid of not being able to my own community but APANSA has been the most welcoming community I have engaged with. They provide so much support and advice and honestly just an amazing group of people!

Interests: Kdramas/Cdramas, restaurant recommendations, Trader Joe’s, working out, baking

Favorite Quote/Something You Live By: Don’t let that ONE thing ruin your day; move on! 


Benita Cui, NURS ’25 

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Why APANSA?: From the first APANSA meeting, I immediately felt connected to this welcoming community. Everyone is super supportive and caring of each other, and I loved the homey feeling I would get when attending APANSA events. It is so nice to be a part of this family that share the same values and understanding as an asian nursing student!

Favorite Quote/Something You Live By:

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”

- Dr. Seuss


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Amy Wong, N’21

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Why APANSA?: Coming from California during COVID, I felt a loss of community and the inability to feel like I belong at Penn. When I heard about APANSA, I knew I wanted to join and be able to contribute my experiences and my excitement to an organization who shared the same values. I am a proud Asian American myself and I would love to spread the love of my culture and awareness alongside other nursing students. I also wanted to form new relationships and friendships with others and learn from others as well!

Interests: I am a professional napper, a corgi mom, and I love arts and crafts. My hobbies and interests are ever-changing because I am curious about everything and love to try new things! I am currently participating in a volunteer opportunity to become a community connector for Together For West Philadelphia and am excited to contribute to the community around me! My favorite things to do, is go to a view and look at the beauty of everything :)

Favorite Quote/ Something You Live By:

“It may be raining on us but here we are dancing in the rain and asking for the sun” It’s a reminder that life isn’t perfect, but to always enjoy life and have a positive outlook. 


Amy Xia, NURS’22, Minor: Global Health

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Why APANSA?: While coming to Penn was definitely exciting, I remember how overwhelmed I felt at meeting so many people and being in a such a new and unfamiliar environment. APANSA became a community and space for me to feel safe and connected with friends and peers, all while exploring the intersection of some extremely important aspects of my identity. I have been honored to be able to witness myself grow and develop over the years because of my involvement with APANSA, and hope to further contribute in helping others to find the same sense of safety and comfort as well.

Interests: Cats, BTS, boba, cooking

Favorite Quote/Something You Live By: If sleepy, take nap. 


Linda Jiang, NURS ’23, Minor: Health Services Management

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


Freshman year, I joined APANSA to become more involved in the nursing and APA community. I bonded with more people in my nursing cohort and met so many amazing upperclassman nursing students. Not only was I able to find my sense of belonging at Penn, but these amazing people made me realize that Penn isn’t that toxic or scary of a place after all. Even when academics become overwhelming, I know I don’t have to go through it alone because APANSA is always here for me. Even when I don’t do as well as I hoped in a class, people from APANSA reassured me that it won’t reflect what I’m like as a nurse. My grades don’t define me, and I will still be an amazing nurse when I graduate. Join APANSA to become a part of this wholesome and supportive community!!!!

Interests: Netflix shows, Kdramas/Cdramas, watercoloring, running, and journaling!!!

Favorite Quote/Something You Live By: Don’t try to be someone else. Just try to be your best self.


Jiwoo Song, NURS’23, Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Saratoga, CA

Why APANSA?: A lot of people don’t have the privilege of connecting with an Asian American community that APANSA offers. But regardless of whether or not you are connected to your Asian American identity, it’s just really nice to have people who are ready to support you or even gladly meet you by coincidence on Locust Walk or in the ARCH. I also want to increase my likelihood of meeting people who play League or watch anime haha.


Brooding thoughts, movies, travel, aesthetics you appreciate online but never try yourself, getting out of Silver
Favorite Quote/Something You Live By: Things could be a lot better, not worse.


Mona Wang, NURS ’25

Hometown: Boston, MA

Why APANSA?: I’ve always been very passionate about issues that the AAPI community faces and I’m very interested in how this applies in a nursing/medical context. I hope to provide a support system and foster community in Penn Nursing’s AAPI population!

Favorite Quote/Something You Live By:

“You have so much to offer as the person you are right now.”

Michelle Tran, N’21
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Why APANSA?: As someone who is very proud of her heritage, I wanted to join a nursing organization that builds a community based on shared culture, which includes language, food, traditions, etc. I wanted to be a part of a larger community at Penn where I could share my life experiences and feel understood by my peers. APANSA allows this unique opportunity to connect to other Asian/Pacific American student nurses who are also proud of who they are and their respective cultures.
Interests: Working out, leisure reading, journaling, Philly sports, kdramas, music (especially Pop/Pop EDM & Kpop) & snacks!
Favorite Quote/Something You Live By: “Nothing worth it is ever easy.” It is my reminder to keep pushing and working hard no matter how difficult the circumstances may be because it will be worth it in the end. This phrase has been my motivation through school, work, and life and hasn’t steered me wrong yet.