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2019 Executive Board:

APANSA Executive Board 2019

President: Heidi Chiu (Nu ’20)
Vice President: Selena Huang (Nu ’20)
Financial Chair: Anjelique Agudo (Nu ’21)
Programming Chair: Jamie Chung (Nu ’21)
Marketing Chair: Christine Oliva (Nu ’21)
Communications Chair: Ilyssa Delos Reyes (Nu ’23)

Freshmen Liaisons: Amy Xia & Casey Cheng (Nu ’22)


Dr. Flores

Dalmacio Dennis Flores, PhD, ACRN

Telephone: 215-573-8253 


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Heidi Chiu, NURS’20

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

Favorite Memory with APANSA: Our event with MNO called “Navigating Relationships in the Nursing School as a Student of Color.” It was such an amazing event where students of color could talk about issues that we experienced in common and realize that we weren’t alone. Look out for a similar event this semester.

Fun Fact: My parents named me after the little girl who lives in the Swiss Alps with sheep from the book called “Heidi”!

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Anjelique Agudo, NURS’21, Minor: Global Health

Hometown: Rowland Heights, CA

Favorite Memory with APANSA: I loved volunteering with APANSA at Bartram’s Garden. Although it was a rainy day, we all worked hard (pulling out weeds and vegetables) and had a great time. This event not only allowed us to give back to our community, but it also gave us the opportunity to bond with one another.

Fun Fact: I used to play basketball!

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Christine Oliva, NURS’21, Minor: Healthcare Management

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Memory with APANSA: I’ve loved all of the APANSA events, but if I had to choose one, I would say Bond Over Bonchon. It’s the event where we truly get to know the new members of APANSA, and we do so with my favorite food ever: Korean Fried Chicken! It’s always a fun bonding experience, and I’ve always been so happy after going.

Fun Fact: My first time going to Disneyland was in Shanghai and I got to go on TRON. It was very fun, and the lines were practically non-existent! 

Freshmen Liaison

Casey Cheng, NURS ’22

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Memory with APANSA: My favorite memory with APANSA was going to Bartram’s Garden and then Bonchon. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and made me feel like freshmen year was going to be a good time <3

Fun fact: I really like doing calligraphy and have a (really inactive) Instagram for it! Also, I got knee surgery for my meniscus freshman year of high school but I still have no clue what caused it to tear, to begin with. :)

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Selena Huang, NURS’20, Minor: Global Health

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Favorite Memory with APANSA: It’s so hard to choose a favorite memory with APANSA, because there are so many! From last semester, my favorite event was the beginning of the year Bartram’s/Bonchon event. I loved seeing so many new faces, and it was so much fun getting to know everyone while pulling out weeds and feasting on fried wings. It really warmed my heart to see APANSA come together as a supportive family for one another :)

Fun Fact: I did the world’s highest bungee jump in South Africa :O

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Jamie Chung, NURS’21, Benjamin Franklin Scholar

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Memory with APANSA: Last school year and for the first time, APANSA collaborated with Minorities in Nursing Organization (MNO) to create a safe space for students to discuss what it meant to “navigate relationships in the nursing school as a student of color”. It was a two-part series, in which the first event was open to just nursing students and the second event invited nursing faculty of color to join in on the conversation. It was a truly insightful and liberating experience to engage in socially conscious and sensitive topics that are very much needed in the School of Nursing. I thank APANSA for allowing us, students, to create such a space and I hope to program events people can look back on as their “favorite memory” from APANSA! :) Read about the first event here:

Fun Fact: I visited China for the first time over winter break, specifically Shanghai, with a Penn Global Seminar to study Traditional Chinese Medicine!


Ilyssa Delos Reyes, NURS’23, Nursing and Healthcare Management Major

Hometown: Oakland Gardens, NY

Favorite Memory with APANSA: We played some intense games of Exploding Kittens during our APANSA board retreat, and some friendships were definitely tested!

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in the Philippines!

Freshmen Liaison

















Amy Xia, NURS ’22

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Favorite Memory with APANSA: Volunteering at Bartram’s Garden with my friends! It was cool to see the before and after of the areas we worked on, and we even found a pretty big garden snake!

Fun Fact: I’ve taken a total of 8 CPR classes in the past 6 years…so hopefully my skills will come in handy in an emergency.