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2022-2023 Executive Board:

President: Annie Ni (Nu ’24)

Vice President: Ella Jang (Nu ’24)

Financial Chair: Priscilla Wong (Nu ’25)

Programming Chair: Julie Lin (Nu ’25)

Marketing Chair: Mona Wang (Nu ’25)       

Communications Chair: Suji Kim (Nu ’25)

Freshmen Liaisons: Willa Xun (Nu’26) and Amber Luong (Nu ’26)

Big-Little Coordinator: Benita Cui (Nu’25)

APANSA Advisor


President: Annie Ni, NURS’24

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Asian American Background: Chinese-American

Favorite Asian Food: Shrimp Cheung Fun

APANSA Memory: aFAMsa Thanksgiving, it was very lovely seeing people from all the years come out and eating the amazing cooking by everyone (s/o to Hannah’s Chili)

Interests: Baking, gymming, and going to concerts <3


Financial Chair: Priscilla Wong

Hometown: Parsippany, NJ

Asian American Background: Chinese American

Favorite Asian Snack: Honey Butter Chips

APANSA Memory: Spending time with everyone while eating yummy treats at the Big/Little Picnic!

Interests: Baking, playing guitar, and eating good food.


Marketing Chair: Mona Wang, NURS ’25

Hometown: Boston, MA

Asian American Background: Chinese American

Favorite Asian Food: Any Dimsum :)

APANSA Memory: Our event discussing nursing stereotypes/being a nursing student in the aapi community! It’s a very valuable conversation to have.

Interests: Shooting film photography, painting/design, playing guitar and viola!


Freshman Liaison: Willa Xun, NURS ’26

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Asian American Background: Chinese American

Favorite Asian Snack: Pocky

Fun Fact: “I was born on St. Patrick’s Day”

Interests: Violin, crime documentaries, indie alt music, working out


Big-Little Coordinator: Benita Cui, NURS ’25

Hometown: Vancouver

Asian American Background: Chinese American

APANSA Memory: Bond over Bonchon!

Interests: Running, snowboarding, vibing to music, trying new food places


Vice President: Ella Jang, NURS’24

Hometown: Bay Area, CA

Asian American Background: Korean-American

Favorite Asian Food: Korean mozzarella corn dogs & bingsoo YUM

APANSA Memory: Picking up catered food with Annie! driving around philly with her is always a fun way to catch up and explore the city :)

Interests: Spotify playlists, crisp sparkling water, barbie movies, cotton candy sunsets, and neutral sneakers.


Programming Chair: Julie Lin, NURS ’25

Hometown: Queens, NY

Asian American Background: Chinese American

Favorite Asian Snack: Yakult

APANSA Memory: Eating Annie’s magical cornbread at Friendsgiving and meeting other members of APANSA!

Interests: Crocheting, reading, bullet journaling, and the most important is stanning seventeen.


Communications Chair: Suji Kim, NURS ’25

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Asian American Background: Korean American

Favorite Asian Food: Red Bean Buns

APANSA Memory: Bond over Bonchon! It was so fun getting to know my Big and I felt so welcomed to the community :)

Interests: Film photography, visiting local coffee spots.


Freshman Liaison: Amber Luong, NURS ’26

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Asian American Background: Vietnamese American

Favorite Asian Snack: Hello Panda or Pocky

Fun Fact: “I was born on 2/29 (leap year)”

Interests: Reading, taking walks, eating yummy food