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Founded in 2011, the Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association (APANSA) exists to explore and resolve the unique challenges, obstacles, and responsibilities specific to Asian Pacific American (APA) nursing students, nurses, and the communities in which they came from. 

Our Vision

At Penn, we will foster leadership development, peer mentoring, and engage in social events that will engender relationships that will carry the nursing profession forward. We seek opportunities for students to engage with faculty and community service events, particularly in the APA community. 

The primary purpose of APANSA:

  • To function as a support group for Asian Pacific American student nurses of all academic levels at Penn by fostering connections between members of the APA Nursing community
  • To identify resources available to Penn students and provide support for APA student nurses by addressing the specific needs of the APA student nursing community at Penn
  • To highlight relevant health issues affecting the Asian/Pacific-Islander American community and bring attention to them on Penn’s campus


Upcoming Events (2023-2024):

Fall GBM:

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Fall GBM Info 2023

Past Events (2022-2023): 

Senior Send-off:

senior send-off 2023

Professional Headshot Event:


Fall General Body Meeting (GBM):

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