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Board of Directors

The HUP Alumni Association is led by a group of dedicated alumni volunteers.

2020-2022 Leadership

Linda Knox, HUP’74, President
Elaine Dreisbaugh, HUP’60, Immediate Past President
Julia Tierney Davis, HUP’73, Secretary

Directors 2019-2021

Thomas Kelly, HUP’78

Kathleen Shaver, HUP’76

Directors 2020-2022

Margaret Iacobacci, HUP’78

Candace Stiklorius, HUP’66

Sandra Fortney, HUP’73

Committee Chairs

Archives - Susan Sharkey McKelvey HUP’73 
Bylaws - Vacant
Emergency Assistance - Margaret Moffett Iacobacci HUP’78
Finance - Vacant
Membership - Barbara Gohn Callazzo HUP’63
Scholarship - Elaine Nuss Dreisbaugh HUP’60
Newsletter - Julia Tierney Davis HUP’73, Patricia Walter Marcozzi ’HUP61
Nominations - Susan Sharkey McKelvey HUP’73
Office - Julia Tierney Davis HUP’73
Philanthropy - Linda Susan Knox HUP’74
Remembrances - Sandra Fortney, HUP’73
Reunion- Patricia Walter Marcozzi HUP’61
Social - Mary Wilby HUP’78
Webpage- Beverly Edmonds G’62


Additional volunteers are welcome! If you are interested in serving on the Board in any capacity, please contact the HUP Alumni Association President at