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Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist

In nursing, there is more to manage than merely the patient.

As such, a core part of our program focuses on training nurses who can improve health outcomes by working within three spheres of influence: the patient, the nurses providing the care, and the health system itself.

Our program

We don’t care for patients in a vacuum; the quality of care from the nurses themselves and the systems under which such care is delivered are both huge factors in treatment. Whereas the Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program prepares nurses to diagnose and manage diseases for patients with acute, critical, and complex health conditions, Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialists apply their skills more broadly across areas outside of patient care, impacting not only the patients themselves, but the nurses and the healthcare systems too.


You will analyze theories of nursing within a complex healthcare system and develop your expertise in clinical judgment, interdisciplinary collaboration, systems thinking, care delivery models, advocacy, and cultural awareness.

We also encourage students to pursue a related minor in an area connected to their career interests, such as Adult Oncology, Quality Improvement and Safety, Health Informatics, Nursing Administration, Forensic Science, Global Health, and Palliative Care.

Study options

We offer the program full-time, part-time, or as a post-Master’s certificate.

After graduation

The CNS degree will prepare you for a variety of careers, including nursing education, advanced practice, and nursing management, and puts you on the track for leadership roles in the field.