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DNP Costs

Post-Master’s DNP & Executive Leadership DNP costs

Your program costs will depend on your individual plan of study.  Tuition is charged per CU based on your semester enrollment.  PMDNP students are not eligible to borrow for living expenses. 

DNP / Post-Master’s per CU tuition rates

Summer 2021 - per course unit (CU)

Tuition $5,956
Online Service Fee $140
Total $6,096

Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 - per course unit (CU)

Tuition  $5,956
Online Service Fee $140
Technology Fee $112
Total  $6,208


The estimated total cost (tuition and fees) of the 2021 Post Master’s DNP program is $82,420.

DNP Nurse Anesthesia

The DNP Anesthesia program is a full-time, 3-year program.

Full time

The estimated total cost (tuition and fees) of the 2021-2024 full-time DNP Anesthesia program is as follows:

  • 36 month program costs (34 CU program): $227,118

To be considered a full-time student you must have a course load of 3 CUs or more per semester, including summer terms; anything less, in any semester, is considered part-time. If you apply as a full-time student, but switch to part-time, lowering the number of CUs you take per semester will decrease the cost of your tuition and fees, which will in turn lower your student budget and reduce your financial aid eligibility. You will no longer be eligible for nursing grant or endowed scholarship funds.

The charts below outline costs based on the school year/summer sessions as well as include estimated other expenses like housing. 

DNP Anesthesia part-time (Summer 2021 - per course unit)



General Fee





DNP Anesthesia Summer living expense budget

Total (both sessions)



DNP Anesthesia full-time (Fall 2021 & Spring 2022)

Tuition and Fees






Books ‡


Personal ‡




‡ Please keep in mind that the school does not bill the student for books and personal expenses. We do, however, build these figures into the Student Budget to better help students and their families plan for all costs associated with a Penn Nursing education. Likewise, we give financial aid based on the entire student budget, not just on the cost of tuition and fees.