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BSN-PhD Hillman Scholarship

Hillman Scholars receive a forgivable loan to cover a significant portion of their educational expenses. 

Hillman grads Sydney Axson (right), GR'12, NU'16, GR'20 and Nicholas Giordano (left),...Hillman grads Sydney Axson (right), GR'12, NU'16, GR'20 and Nicholas Giordano (left), NU'15, GR'18 with their faculty mentor Dr. Connie Ulrich (center).Award details

The Hillman Scholars program provides up to $30,000 for tuition during the last four semesters of your BSN, as well as doctoral training educational fellowship that covers tuition, living stipend, health insurance, and a modest research and travel fund.

This award is a loan, not a scholarship. When you sign the contract to start the program, which we send you when you agree to accept the award, you sign a legal document that covers all of terms of the loan, including conditions, repayment, partial forgiveness, and special circumstances.

Other sources of aid

This award is not based on need, so we recommend that you meet with our financial aid staff to determine how it may impact other areas of financial assistance.

Withdrawing from the program 

If you leave the school prior to graduating from both programs—undergraduate and doctorate—you must repay the full amount of the loan you received. Loan repayment begins three months following the month in which one withdraws or fails to begin employment. We calculate your payment based on the amount of the award received, divided by 120 months, plus interest, giving you ten years to repay the loan.

If you decide to transfer prior to finishing your undergraduate degree, be it to another school within Penn or outside of our collegiate system, you will no longer be eligible to use your Hillman Scholars award and will need to repay the loan money. However, if you decide to complete your degree at another school of nursing comparable to our own, you will not be obligated to repay the undergraduate portion of your Hillman Scholar award. 

Additionally, if you fail to complete your PhD, be it from Penn Nursing or elsewhere, you will be required to repay the full amount of the award.

Questions? Please get in touch, we’re always happy to help.