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For Current Students

If you receive federal financial aid, you must reapply each year. 

We’ve collected a number of financial aid resources for current students here. If you need assistance with anything, please contact us

General resources:

  • Penn In Touch: Our system for class registration and payments.
  • Direct deposit: If you are employed through the University, especially in Work Study, or if you could receive a financial aid refund, you’ll need to set up your direct deposit information.
  • Penn Loan System: To request loans and check on the status of a loan (login with your Pennkey and password).
  • FASFA: If you receive federal loans, you must fill out a FAFSA each year.
  • Perkins Loan Forgiveness (PDF): Downloadable instructions.
  • Reporting outside scholarships: Promptly report any scholarships or grants you receive from sources outside the University. Outside scholarships reduce the self-help component of your financial aid package. Self-help includes expected savings from summer earnings and work study. University grants will be reduced only after all self-help has been eliminated.
  • Penn billing schedule: Keep on top of your student bill due dates.
  • Penn Monthly Budget Plan: Find information on how to enroll in the Penn Monthly Budget Plan.
  • Sign up for Penn.Pay: The easiest way to pay your bills. 

Scholarship Search Resources: 

Traditional undergrads:

Accelerated undergrads:

Graduate students: