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Amy Gutmann Leadership Scholars

Amy Gutmann Leadership Scholars

Amy Gutmann Leadership Scholars are selected in collaboration with a specially appointed admissions committee. Selection criteria prioritize first-generation status, high academic achievement, demonstrated leadership potential, and an expressed desire to make a lasting impact in underserved urban and rural communities.

University of Pennsylvania President, Dr. Amy Gutmann, and Dr. Michael Doyle.University of Pennsylvania President, Dr. Amy Gutmann, and Dr. Michael Doyle.University of Pennsylvania President, Dr. Amy Gutmann, and her husband, Dr. Michael Doyle, made a $2M gift to Penn Nursing, creating the Amy Gutmann Leadership Scholars Program. This endowed program provides financial aid for exemplary undergraduate and graduate nursing students, supplementing their education with tailored learning to become nurse leaders who deliver exceptional evidence-based care, design research, inform policy, spark innovation, and advocate for social justice, world-wide. Penn Nursing has a long-standing reputation as a leader in research, education, and practice. With alumni living in more than 50 countries around the world, the newly minted Amy Gutmann Leadership Scholars join a vast network with an ever-growing legacy of global impact.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the program is to equip diverse and talented Penn Nursing students, especially those who are committed to work in underserved urban and rural areas, with leadership tools and tactics to complement their Penn Nursing education. Scholars will develop personal and professional leadership skills and plans through a range of activities, including self-learning, cohort building, and purposeful School, University, and community engagement.

Scholar Responsibilities

  • Develop diverse leadership skills that allow the nurse to be well positioned as a change agent for advancing education, research, practice, and social justice. Scholars will gain an understanding and appreciation for leadership through seminars and learning activities including interviews with nurse leaders, alums, practitioners in individual and group settings. They will have opportunities to read, listen, and observe nurse leaders in action, while reflecting on leadership skills and different styles.
  • Establish a personal leadership trajectory. Scholars will complete assessments to understand and develop their own unique professional plan (using career cartography). With guided mentorship, scholars will strengthen their leadership and address areas for self-improvement. The use of personal reflections (journaling) during the process will add to the educational experience.
  • Recognize and value the pivotal role of an effective leader and follower, harnessing best practices to promote synergy for teamwork and collaboration. As scholars develop their own unique leadership style, they are also able to further develop specific skills for building effective teams through cohort and service activities. Scholars will engage in activities that highlight the fundamentals of group dynamics and elements of great teams.
  • Strengthen professional and personal network in becoming and joining the Amy Gutmann Leadership Scholars. Individually and collectively, the scholars will become a cadre of leaders at Penn Nursing and the University. Scholars will provide support to each other, facilitating and highlighting the impact of Amy Gutmann Nurse Leaders while students and as alums.

Application Process

Penn Nursing Applicants who are eligible will be notified on how to apply. Applications will include an essay and will be reviewed by the specially appointed admissions committee.