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The Power of Possibility

A healthier, more equitable future is possible, and Penn Nursing is the force that fuels the possibilities.

As you explore Penn Nursing, we ask you to also reflect on the crucial role of equity and inclusion in nursing and healthcare and how you envision making an impact in this field.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, will require the care of a nurse. It is critical that the next generation of nurses not only mirrors the diversity of our patient base, but is also sensitive to and skillful in serving whomever walks through their doors.

Why we support equity in healthcare:

  • It leads to better patient outcomes through culturally competent care;
  • It helps to address health disparities;
  • It helps meet the demands of an aging population; and
  • Innovation is accelerated through diverse perspectives.

See yourself here

Penn Nursing students are some of the best and brightest in the world, and we are proud that they have decided to pursue their goals with us. You’ll find that everyone—from the Dean and faculty, to our students—support and advance our efforts to diversify our School and profession.

Portrait of Morgan Bacon

Morgan Bacon, Philadelphia, PA

“I enjoy how Penn fosters a new generation of change-makers by offering research opportunities to students as early as their first semester of college and continues to support students in opportunities like the President’s Engagement Prize.”


Portrait of Tommy Seaman

Tommy Seaman, Los Gatos, CA

“With an exceptional faculty at the forefront of innovation, Penn Nursing is preparing me to work and live in an ever-changing health care system and society.”



An inclusive and supportive environment

Our Office of Equity and Inclusion is focused on bringing culturally sensitive knowledge into the classroom, while providing resources to foster the success of underrepresented minorities.

Penn Nursing has an array of student organizations so all students can thrive. Broaden your skillset and have fun while you collaborate with others to build your professional network.

  • Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association
  • Minorities in Nursing Organization
  • Nursing Students for Global Health
  • Nurses at Penn Understanding Sexuality in Healthcare
  • Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP)

Learn more about student organizations on our website.

Need help before submitting your application?

If you have any questions while completing your application, please do not hesitate to reach out to our admissions team at We look forward to reviewing your application.