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Accelerated FAQs

 How long is the accelerated program? Will I be able to do my MSN degree full-time?

The BSN portion takes 18 months to complete. The MSN (NP) portion can be done in 12-18 months full-time or 2-3 years part-time. The exact length will be determined by the specialty you pick and whether you decide to go full or part-time.

 When are the accelerated BSN classes held: AM or PM? Can the BSN be completed part-time or online?

The schedule changes semester to semester. You may have evening classes, and clinicals could be scheduled on the weekend. The accelerated BSN cannot be completed part-time, and it cannot be completed online.

 How competitive is the accelerated program?
The accelerated program is competitive. We admit 25-30% of our pool.
 Do I need to submit my GRE scores?

As of July 1, 2021, the GRE is no longer required for the Accelerated Nursing Program (BSN Second Degree, BSN./MSN or Hillman BSN-PhD).

 If I decide to go the BSN-MSN route, can I switch my MSN specialty after starting the program?

You must meet with the new program director to request a change. Please note it is not a guarantee and you may need to submit additional documents.

 What are the prerequisites for the accelerated program?
  • Chemistry with lab (4 credit hours)
  • Biology (3 credit hours)
  • Anatomy and Physiology with lab (8 credit hours)
  • Microbiology with lab (4 credit hours)
  • Nutrition, including life-cycle (3 credit hours)
  • Statistics (3 credit hours)
  • Optional: Health Care ethics, this class may be completed at Penn while in the BSN program
 If I completed any of the above classes more than 5 years ago, can any of them count as prerequisites?

We strongly recommend that you complete your prerequisite courses within the last ten years, with the exception of Human Anatomy and Physiology which we prefer to be completed within the last 5 years.

 How can I find out if the prerequisite courses I’ve taken will count for the accelerated program?

Transfer credit is not reviewed until after acceptance. We strongly encourage enrolling in the introductory courses in the subjects listed above here. We accept credits from any accredited college or university, including community colleges and accredited online institutions. We accept online virtual labs.

 If I have an associate’s degree, can I still apply to the accelerated program?

You can only apply to the program with an associate’s degree if that associate’s degree is in nursing. This program truly benefits those who already hold a bachelor’s degree. You will need to complete clinicals again and do placement exams even if you did them for your associate’s degree.

 Can I receive credit from AP courses I’ve taken for prerequisite courses?

You can receive credit for Statistics and Biology if you received a 5 on the AP test.

 What are the application requirements for international students?

International applicants are required to submit an educational evaluation of all international degrees received or coursework completed.

The TOEFL or IELTS is required for non-native English speakers. If you received your undergraduate degree from an institution in which the primary language of instruction was English, you do not need to submit the TOEFL or IELTS.

 How is my undergraduate GPA reviewed? Do prerequisite courses I’ve taken after my undergraduate degree count towards my GPA?

All courses prior to degree conferral count towards your GPA. Any prerequisite courses taken after your undergraduate degree was granted will not count in the cumulative GPA. Please note we will evaluate all courses completed.

When are decisions released?

Please consult our Application Deadlines page for further information.