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Post-Master’s and Certificate Programs

The nurses we train here at Penn are dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of improving their ability to care for patients, be it at the bedside, in the lab, or in the boardroom. 

All of our MSN programs  include a Post-Master’s Certificate option as do some of our minors . These programs can be pursued at any time post-degree. Current Master’s students are also welcome to work on these certificates as complementary minors to their studies.

Students in Fagin Hall

Certificate programs:

Adult Gerontology
Adult Oncology
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Health Leadership
Nursing and Healthcare Administration  
Psychiatric-Mental Health
Transformative Nursing Education
Women’s Health/Gender Related  

Program costs

Tuition is charged on a per course basis.

Completion rate

Stand-alone certificate students typically complete their course of study in two to five semesters. How quickly you finish your program depends on the course units required and course offerings per semester.

Continuing Education (CE)

Please note that Penn Nursing no longer offers CE credits. 

If you require verification of past attendance or contact hour confirmation, please submit a request via email to Janet Tomcavage: .

Your email request should contain:

  • Program name
  • Program date 
  • Your name at the time of the program

A PDF replacement certificate will be re-issued within 5 working days.

Disclosure information

For disclosure information required by the U.S. Department of Education for Gainful Employment Programs, click here .