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Master of Science in Nutrition Science (MSNS)

Designed to meet the educational needs of multiple licensed health care professionals, trainees, and students seeking a rigorous graduate education in advanced nutrition science, our online Master of Science in Nutrition Science program is built upon years of research and a stellar reputation for high-quality education in Nutrition Science.

“The innovative aspect of this program is how it advances Nutrition Science to promote health through interdisciplinary collaboration that integrates knowledge across domains of understanding, and, through that, deepens our capacity to expand effective nutritional management across communities, locally and globally.”

 — Antonia M. Villarruel, PhD, RN, FAAN, Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing

Visit our MS in Nutrition Science page for details on the program, such as curriculum, plans of study, and more.

Program Outcomes

The career paths open to graduates of our online MS in Nutrition Science program will vary depending on their prior training.

  • Dietitians in practice with BS who attain the MS in Nutrition Science will be more competitive for career advancement, and likely salary increases, as the requirement for entry into dietetic practice by 2024 will be a MS degree.
  • Students who come with a BA or BS in another subject will be competitive for positions in nutrition science-focused research or programs as project managers or project directors.
  • Physicians, clinical psychologists, or dentists in training will be more competitive for research and practice in areas with a heavy nutrition focus, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, surgery, gastrointestinal medicine, obesity management, and oncology.
  • Students with MPH, MSCE, MTR or MBE training, in addition to the Online MS in Nutrition Science, will be better positioned for research in their area that bridges nutritional concerns.

Graduates of our online MS in Nutrition Science program will also be well positioned for doctoral education, and will have demonstrated competencies in reading and synthesizing the published nutrition science literature, nutrition counseling, cultural competency, scholarly presentations, data analysis and interpretation, and writing for scholarly publication.

Who Should Apply?

Registered dietitians in practice with baccalaureate degrees; students with baccalaureate degrees in fields other than nutrition; physicians, clinical psychologists, pharmacists, and dentists in training; students in other graduate programs; and predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees who desire evidence of advanced nutrition science training are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

For details on the application process, please visit our MSNS Admissions page.