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Pursue a minor to expand your area of expertise. 

Adult Oncology Specialty

This program is for students seeking to specialize in oncology nursing, addressing cancer—one of the leading causes of death in adults—while gaining the experience necessary to work within this demanding speciality.

Undergrad Nursing, 2011

Health Informatics

This program integrates the science and practice of nursing alongside data and data management in such a way that uses information resources to improve the health of people worldwide. It focuses explicitly on working with the technology necessary to solve the heathcare problems of today and tomorrow.

Integrated Nursing Care of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The goal of this program is to train students to screen and identify people with ASD, give care for the concomitant behavioral, medical, and psychiatric conditions, and innovate approaches to improving nursing care for those on the spectrum throughout their lives.

Global Health

Globally, the growing threat of pandemics, environmental- and climate-related disease, terrorism, and natural disasters has increased the need for nurse leaders with a rich understanding of the international connectedness of the precursors, causes, and consequences of these challenges. This minor is offered in response to these societal needs, and seeks to train the next generation of nurses to rise to these formidable challenges. 

Nursing Administration

This program prepares nurses with the business skills necessary for today’s healthcare workers, and grooms them to take on leadership roles in the rapidly changing environment of the business of caring for patients.


Nutrition is an integral part of human existence and vital to maintenance of health and prevention of disease. Nutrition science is alive with ever deeper underpinnings of linkages between nutrients and health together with their mechanisms of action. Knowledge about this exciting field can enrich your understanding of how your body works.

Palliative Care

The palliative care minor centers on training nurses to provide the kind of care that preserves quality of life while reducing suffering and addressing the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the patient, while simultaneously supporting patient autonomy.

Quality Improvement & Safety Processes in Healthcare

This program focuses on patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement processes, safety, and systems-thinking skills toward improving the quality and safety of healthcare delivery.

Transformative Nursing Education

This program focuses on expanding the ranks of nurse educators by working to prepare nurses to become academic faculty and clinical instructors.