DNP Scholarly Projects

DNP Projects address context-specific needs, problems, and/or opportunities to advance healthcare quality and equity, improve health outcomes, enhance healthcare work environments and the work life of healthcare workers, advance community health and wellness, improve healthcare economics, and sustain the culture of continuous learning requisite to the complex healthcare environment. 

Students actively engage in discussions at their project site (typically at the student’s place of employment or practice) to accurately identify practice issues/problems that are of high importance to the project site. See what the class of 2023 has been working on!

Student Presentations

Included below are links to four exemplary DNP Project presentations by 2nd year students across our three DNP Program tracks: Executive Leadership, Nurse Anesthesia, and Post-Masters. The four unique DNP projects exemplify how the Penn Nursing DNP program prepares leaders to improve healthcare and healthcare outcomes through translating research, evaluating evidence-based practice and implementing innovative ideas.

Optimizing the Nurse Practice Environment to Influence Clinical Nurse Job Enjoyment and Intent to Leave
  DNP Track: Executive Leadership
  Presenters: Karyn Book, DNP, MSN, RN; Jennifer Hollander, DNP, MSN, RN

Impact of Transitional Care Management (TCM) Calls on 30-day Readmission Rates in Patients with Heart Failure
  DNP Track: Post-Master’s
  Presenter: Omolola Olawo, DNP, RN, NE-BC 

The Reduction of Waste in the Operating Room via an Intraoperative Recycling Initiative
  DNP Track: Nurse Anesthesia
  Presenters: Rachel Bosco, SRNA, BSN, RN; Dayna Dombrowski, SRNA, BSN, RN; Catherine (Cat) Ruggiero, SRNA, BSN, BS, RN 

Keepsakes in the ICU
  DNP Track: Post-Masters
  Presenter: Patricia Bajaj, DNP, MSN, ACNP-B,C APRN, CCRN


Visual Abstracts

Visual abstracts are visual summaries of information about a project that are typically included in a narrative abstract of a project. A visual abstract is a dissemination tool that is focused on a single major message, or very few main messages, about a project. All 2nd year DNP scholars developed a DNP Project visual abstract as one of several dissemination products of the DNP Program.