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Many students come to Penn Nursing knowing they want an advanced practice degree, and are able to confidently identify an area of specialization they’d like to pursue. For them, we offer a direct entry BSN/MSN program.


We offer quite a bit of flexibility to students who are pursing multiple degrees, because we understand that the educational and professional trajectory of each nurse is as unique as they are.

Some of our students take time off from school to gain work experience, and then return to the MSN program, while others work full-time as an RN as they complete their MSN program coursework part-time. We only ask that students complete their MSN degree within five (5) years of their BSN graduation date.

Once a student is admitted into a particular MSN program, they may apply to change programs if their interests change. 

We also offer a variety of specialty minors that may be completed with the MSN.

How to apply

For details on our application process, see the Admissions section.