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Get a head start on a graduate degree.

Submatriculation allows students in our traditional and accelerated BSN programs to formally enroll in one of our MSN Programs , in the JD program at Penn Law School or at Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) for Masters in Public Health, while still undergraduates. Individual schools have guidelines concerning submatriculation that are consistent with University policies including the requirement that a single course may satisfy a requirement in no more than 2 degree programs at Penn.

Submatriculating at Penn Nursing

MSN Programs

The demand for nurses with MSN degrees is higher than ever. If you are interested in specializing or entering advanced nursing practice sooner rather than later, we encourage you to apply as early as your junior year. If accepted, you’ll begin to take master’s level coursework, earning credit toward both degrees.

For application instructions, deadlines, and eligibility information, download MSN Submatriculation (PDF) .

As of fall 2020, Penn Nursing students can no longer submatriculate into the Nurse Anesthesia DNP program. However, students may take graduate level classes during their BSN program and receive an application fee waiver when they apply as alumni.

Students are recommended to consult with their MSN program director and the Associate Director of Advising for courses that can be taken during the BSN. The following are approved courses to be taken at the undergraduate level for submatriculation and are subject to change based on the program. Courses not included cannot be taken as an undergraduate for submatriculation. View the approved course list here.

For more information, complete this interest form and download Preparing for Future Admissions to the Nurse Anesthesia DNP Program (PDF).

Penn Law

Our current climate of healthcare litigation and malpractice suits is well suited for professionals who combine nursing education and experience with legal expertise. A background in both nursing and law gives you a powerful and marketable skillset, and prepares you to make an impact on the medical and legal professions.

To submatriculate into Penn Law, you should take the LSAT and apply during your junior year. If you are admitted, you’ll begin taking courses at the law school during your fourth year, completing both your BSN and Juris Doctor (JD) degrees in six years, instead of the usual seven.

For advice on courses and the application process, download Law Submatriculation (PDF) .

Master of Public Health

Students with a passion for public health research and practice may apply for submatriculation status in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM). During the submatriculation period, students can take up to three courses that can count toward both their BSN and the MPH degree. Students typically initiate the application process during the fall semester of their junior year. All applications to the MPH program completed by November 1st will be reviewed and provided a decision by December 1st, with the intention of submatriculating in the spring of their junior year.

For more information and guidelines, download Submatriculation into the Master of Public Health.


COVID-19 Pass/Fail Policy for Submatriculation Applicants

Click here to review Penn Nursing’s pass/fail policy for classes taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.