Learning Through Simulation

Bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application.

Our pioneering Helene Fuld Pavilion for Innovative Learning and Simulation features high-tech simulation equipment to provide nursing students with vital exposure to their chosen field in a safe, controlled setting.

Immersive education

Patient simulators at the Fuld Pavilion shape your capacity for timely responsiveness through mannequins that are diverse in age, gender, and race, each with the capacity for behavioral, live action responses. In short, the monitors here beep, the patients breathe, and the babies cry—just like they do in real life.

Our simulation rooms are outfitted with video systems to monitor and provide feedback on each interaction, giving us the chance evaluate and reflect upon your knowledge and actions in a tangible way. These rooms, designed to reflect real-life care settings—including outpatient, hospital, and home care—underscore the importance of caring for the whole patient and the need for comprehensive, thoughtful communication among all members of the care team and the patient’s support network.

Simulation for all levels

Our state-of-the-art simulated clinical experiences offer Penn Nursing students at all levels the chance to bolster their knowledge-based competencies and critical thinking skills, as well as their confidence. So important is this component of nursing education that we start this process as early as freshman year.

As students progress, the simulations evolve to cover more advanced skills. This involves covering rare and high-risk healthcare events like natural disasters, malignant hyperthermia in the operating room, and infectious outbreak control.

We even have the capability to engage experienced nurses through simulated events that function as continuing education for all members of the nursing community.


Ann Marie Hoyt-Brennan, MSN, RN
Director of the Helene Fuld Pavilion